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May 10, 2010
In a classic Sunday comic strip from Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts, Linus is eating a sandwich and Lucy is nearby as he begins to ponder. "Hands are fascinating things," he says. "I like my hands. I think I have nice hands. My hands seem to have a lot of character. These are hands which may someday accomplish great things. These are hands which may someday do marvelous works...
May 4, 2010

With Mother's Day a few days away, I find myself with thoughts of gratitude for my mom, Leah Storey Rogers.
Apr 27, 2010
Richard and I have a firm agreement that if there are gifts to be given on Mother's day they cannot be in any way associated with my daily tasks. Therefore for me: no appliances, no kitchen gadgets, and no vacuums. My husband has always been a romantic, so this was agreed on by both of us many years ago.
HOWEVER, a couple of years ago he thought it was so funny when he and the kids presented me with a beautiful gift bag (tissue paper and all) disguising my Mother's Day gift iron.
Apr 17, 2010

This is my baby kyrah (k-ear-ah) and this is probably my favorite Rhea Lana find ever! It was $10 at the fall Northwest Arkansas Rhea Lana sale. We always get so many compliments on this outfit
Rogers, Arkansas
Apr 14, 2010
Another one of our Rhea Lana consignors is going to be on national TV!

Ashley in Los Angeles ... you can see the HOLLYWOOD sign in the background
Apr 10, 2010
We recently had a wonderful opportunity to meet lots and lots of Oklahoma Moms at the Tulsa Baby Fair.
Apr 5, 2010
I love these ladies!! This group is comprised of a mom, a daughter and 2 more close girlfriends. Each season, one of them takes on the responsibility of the "theme" for their attendance at our Greater Little Rock event.
Mar 30, 2010
This is Marley! Her mom, Amber, bought this capri outfit for $4 at the Russellville Spring/Summer event last month! What a cutie!
Mar 29, 2010
I recently saw a list of abbreviations in a magazine of texting lingo their teens were using. I held my breath as I read and hoped my older kids didn't know everything on the list.
Today I saw this list of definitions and felt like it was a lot more common for all of us:
DUMBWAITER: one who asks if the kids would care to order dessert.
FEEDBACK: the inevitable result when the baby doesn't appreciate the strained carrots.
Mar 26, 2010
I am truly humbled and feel so blessed to be in a company with such awesome folks.