Rhea Lana’s franchisees serve families by helping them stretch their budgets.  They also make significant donations to help local foster families and other charitable organizations. 

Rhea Lana’s owners have the flexibility to work around their busy schedules. As moms, we know how valuable this can be. Working just a few hours weekly in the off-season, and then building to a more full-time position once event season begins will give you year-round flexibility. Plus, you can schedule your event around the time of year that is best for your family. Win-Win!

While Rhea Lana’s makes no financial performance guarantees, our franchisees have also found this business to be a great way to add supplemental income. Some have even stepped away from Corporate America.

Franchisees receive 35-40% of sales revenue, plus 100% of Consignor fees, vendor fees, ticket sales, and sponsorships. These revenues are used to pay event expenses such as facility rental, marketing, insurance, supplies, etc.  More details are available in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

The Initial franchise fee to purchase a Rhea Lana’s franchise is $19,500; After your initial the five-year contract has expired, owners have the option to renew their contract at a reduced rate of $3,000.

2. $2,066,288

3. $1,944,629

4. $1,247,101

5. $1,188,183

6. $1,116,168

7. $1,041,138

8. $1,018,445

9. $1,008,188

10. $993,348

the road to rhea lana’s ownership

Wondering about the process to purchasing a Rhea Lana’s franchise? The steps to ownership are simple, and we will support you every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? Your journey starts here!

Roadmap Roadmap

Initial Inquiry

Yay! You’ve already taken the first step toward owning a Rhea Lana’s franchise!

Phase One

We will set up a phone call with a member from our Development Team and provide you with our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). During a secondary call, we will review the FDD and go over any questions.

Phase Two

Complete application, obtain letters of recommendation, show proof of funds and sign our non-disclosure agreement.

Phase Three

Upon agreement of the territory map, you will have a series of interviews with the Development Team to assess your candidacy. If approved, it will be time to set up your business entity.

Phase Four

Congratulations! It’s time to sign the Franchise Agreement and pay the franchise fee. Once this is completed you will connect with the Training and Support Team to start preparing for your first event.

Complete this quick form below and a Rhea Lana’s development team member will be in touch with you very soon

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