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Jul 21, 2011
Five years ago Ashley Shaver took a risk and opened the first experimental Rhea Lana's franchise outside of Central Arkansas. This year she was awarded the TOP GUN award at our Annual Franchise Owner's Conference for her incredible event! At their last event in the Spring of 2011, they had 803 consignors and 67,000+ adorable children's items! That equals a lot of happy shoppers!
Jul 19, 2011
Melissa and Katelyn are excited about their second event in the beautiful open air center  known as Prairie Village Shopping Center. Their first event was in Prairie Village, Kansas, this past May and they had an overwhelming response from their community. Overland Park/Prairie Village is in the Kansas City area.
Their small store was full of 9000 items which included beautiful baby clothing, children's boutique items, and toys for all ages.  Shoppers loved the atmosphere, were thrilled with their finds, and requested more information about how to participate in the next event!
Jul 5, 2011

This is a picture of some of the busiest ladies in the country! Not only are they full time moms, many of them work outside their home, they are active in their communities, and they are ALL Rhea Lana franchise owners!! It's sale season and they are BUSY preparing for their fall/winter events! 
Jun 30, 2011
I was tickled to get to attend the first event of our Rhea Lana beautiful Hawaii!  I'd like to dispel the thought right now that all the clothes on the rack are large flower print shirts, dresses and maternity mumus. It's just not true! Because there aren't definite seasons in Hawaii the racks are a mix of footed pjs and swimsuits!  
Jun 19, 2011
A letter from Audra, owner of Rhea Lana's of Southwest DFW, to her dad.

Jun 17, 2011
This is a personal story written by Kristie Smith, owner of Rhea Lana's of Searcy. It's her recording of an experience that changed her life, and her family's life, and a boy named Michael's life...all because she was working at a Rhea Lana's event with her sister. I asked her if I could share it because it has inspired me (and many others) to do things we never dreamed!
Jun 11, 2011
Last August one of my son's friends collapsed on the football field during summer workouts. He was rushed to Arkansas Children's Hospital with an internal temperature of over 104. Tyler was a healthy 16 year old boy who has played summer sports since he was 6. On that day, his body didn't cool like it was supposed to. His coaches and medical care staff did everything they could do, but Tyler died in December. His family is now working to educate parents about the danger of summer heat.
Jun 8, 2011
That's all I can think about as I reflect on the great weekend I just spent at our annual Rhea Lana's Franchise Owner's Conference. Not only were we in the beautiful Crowne Plaza in Little Rock, but the beautiful ladies and families who are our company made the weekend a huge WOW!
Jun 1, 2011
There's a lot of talk today about a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics about sports drinks. We often get these out in the summer time at the ball parks and at picnics, but are they the best thing for all children? The report also wants parents to be aware of what they are letting their children drink when they splurge on an energy drink. SPORTS DRINKS AND ENERGY DRINKS are not equal. 
 So what's in your fridge?
May 23, 2011

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"The physical and emotional health of an entire generation and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake."
- First Lady Michelle Obama at the Let’s Move! launch on February 9, 2010