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Jun 7, 2018
All athletic wear is the best wear, right? From one athletic wear junkie to another... I feel the struggle of sliding on a pair of jeans after wearing leggings for a week straight. I also applaud the creative genius who chooses to dress up a pair of leggings for a night out on the town. best decision of the entire week.
A bad pair of leggings simply just doesn’t exist- glad we’re on the same page. But let’s get to the bottom of what pair is best for you, your lifestyle, and your practice. 
May 29, 2018
Starting to work out again post baby took me WAY longer then I’d like to admit. When my baby was just a few months old I felt like I was always feeding her, changing a diaper, cleaning something up, or putting her down for a nap. And when she was down for a nap I felt like I didn’t have the emotional or physical energy to work out! Hence the waiting (probably too long) until now to start working out again!
May 21, 2018
Let’s be real for a minute. When it comes to having your first baby to having your fourth, it looks very different, every time. You may still prepare the same way by frantically nesting a spot in your house for a newborn or making sure every dog hair is swept up off the floor & furniture. But, the amount of baby items & clothes begin to decrease with every child.
May 9, 2018
By Tracy Lane
Mothering is an enormous honor. And it can feel enormously overwhelming. When else in our lives does the very physical and emotional wellbeing of another person rest on us? And if you have more than one child, go ahead and multiply the honor and the weight that you feel. Don’t forget to add in the exhaustion.
May 7, 2018
By Tracy Lane
For that moment during delivery when I didn’t think I could push anymore…thank you for reminding me it’d be worth it in just a few short minutes when I had my tiny baby in my arms.
For that scary moment after delivery when they said my baby was sick and ripped her from my grip…thank you for brushing sweaty, salty labor hair out of my eyes and crying with me.
Apr 10, 2018
How do you know something works? It gets passed from generation to generation.
How do you know something matters? A momma tells another momma that it’s actually worth it.
How do you know something is really as good as it seems? It stands the test of time and the next generation of women take it on.
Apr 6, 2018
Angela thought she was living her dream: working her way up in an important career, earning serious money to support her family. But every day during her hour commute home, she felt like something was missing.
Like most busy moms, she pushed the thought aside and readied herself to care for her family when she arrived home. She wanted to enjoy her husband and their toddler son. She really tried.
Apr 6, 2018
By Tracy Lane
We’ve all been to an enormously overdone party. It felt amazing when we walked in. The décor was perfect. The cake was perfect. The birthday child’s outfit was perfect. Even the mom’s outfit was perfectly coordinate to fit the theme.
Mar 21, 2018
Wondering what’s going to be trendy this Spring? We’ve compiled a list of 10 trends to look out for! Good news is you may already have some of these pieces in your wardrobe from last season! We’ve also found a mom blogger or fashion blogger as an example for each trend! Hopefully this list will be helpful so you can shop smarter not harder the next time you're out and about!
Mar 2, 2018
By Tracy Lane
Carmen always dreamed of being a business owner. She knew she had the wit and the determination to own her own business. She just wasn’t sure what that business should be.
Knowing it was an important decision, she started doing her research. She looked into several network marketing setups and knew that wasn’t right for her. She considered starting a business in a different state, but once she realized the travel, she knew that wasn’t the best fit either.