Steps to Rhea Lana's ownership


1. Complete the Inquiry Form

Please complete our Inquiry Form. You will receive an email with additional information about Rhea Lana Ownership

2. Initial Phone Call with our Development Team

This is a time where we can answer any initial inquiries you have regarding Rhea Lana ownership to see if you would like to officially begin the process. We anticipate this call taking approximately 30 minutes.

3. Begin the Franchise Ownership Process

After our first call, should you feel that Rhea Lana ownership is a path you would like to learn more about, we will send you the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and schedule a call to discuss the document with you.

4. Apply for a Franchise Opportunity

You will complete the application portion of the FDD. After received, we will be able to continue with letters of recommendations and proof of finances.

5. Call with Rhea Lana

This is a time where Rhea Lana will get to know you and the “why” behind your interest in a Rhea Lana's Franchise.

6. Franchise Awarded

If awarded a franchise, steps will include finalizing territory map, payment of franchise fee and signing all contracts.