It's true. I'm addicted to Rhea Lana's pre-sales. I could go and shop even if I didn't have any money or anything to buy. I just love the atmosphere. It's like Black Friday only better and the people are MUCH nicer. Ha!

Before my first baby was born, I was an avid horse-back rider.  In fact, my Mom and I have been riding since I was 13 and we loved our time together.  I also read constantly and I finished my 2nd half-marathon a few weeks before I got pregnant.  You get the idea.  I had lots of hobbies.  I had an identity.

10. I can do one night of shopping (twice per year) and knock it all out at once! Surely, this goes without saying, but I'd much rather spend time with my kids WEARING their clothes than going from store to store over the course of several days (months?) shopping FOR those clothes.

You may not know her last name or that she lives in Conway, Arkansas. However, chances are, you' ve already associated the name Rhea Lana with what it's best known for: high-end children's clothing consignment events.