The Rhea Lana's Difference


Here is a quick comparison of Rhea Lana's and our largest competitor.

  Rhea Lana's Competitor
For Our Shoppers:
HIGH Quality Items ?
FREE Admission ?
FRIENDLY and Organized ?
For Our Consignors:
Standard % Received 70% 65%
LIVE Sales Updates
Consignor Checks at Pickup
Voice Recognition Item Entry
For Our Franchisees:
Franchise Fee $10,500 $12,900
FREE website and technology
Royalty Payment at $100,000 Sales $2,500 $2,650
Royalty Payment at $250,000 Sales $4,000 $7,150
No forced termination for unmet sales goals


Rhea Lana's does not here or elsewhere make any representation, warranty or guaranty, expressed or implied, as to the potential revenues or profits of owning any specific Rhea Lana franchise. The table above refers only to the largest competing franchise in our industry. There are other smaller competing franchises that conduct the same business as Rhea Lana's. There are other similar franchise systems which may be more or less successful than Rhea Lana's Franchise Systems.