A Mom’s Dream Come True

By Tracy Lane


Carmen always dreamed of being a business owner. She knew she had the wit and the determination to own her own business. She just wasn’t sure what that business should be.

Knowing it was an important decision, she started doing her research. She looked into several network marketing setups and knew that wasn’t right for her. She considered starting a business in a different state, but once she realized the travel, she knew that wasn’t the best fit either.

Finally the perfect business for Carmen came up for sale right in her own backyard. Carmen was born and raised in Germantown, Tennessee. She knows and loves the town she’s from. So the obvious answer for a business loving girl plus a Germantown loving girl was to purchase the business opportunity she had sprouting right in her own hometown.

Carmen bought the Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Franchise from an existing owner. She says that made it hard in some ways and easy in some ways, inheriting a business that someone else had started. Thankfully the previous owner was already setup for success, so Carmen stepped into a thriving sale in a welcoming community.

The hard part was that Carmen hadn’t been trained yet how to run and manage a thriving sale. Most sales begin small with a lot of room for learning. But for an energetic entrepreneur like Carmen, that was nothing she couldn’t overcome.

She had consigned her children’s clothes and toys at former Rhea Lana’s Sales. She had bought clothes and toys for her children and previous sales. How hard could running one be?

Carmen is finding out this weekend! Her first sale in Germantown is open to the public today through the weekend. Carmen launched her event with a successful presale, with only one small hiccup that a kind volunteer quickly smoothed over for her. Carmen said with her positive leadership and her upbeat, helpful volunteer team running the event she is actually experiencing the idea that work is fun!

It’s fun to be a mom who sees a need to provide for her family. It’s fun to be a mom who looks for the right way to provide for that need. It’s fun to be a mom who in the meeting of her own need is able to help every other mom meet financial needs in her family too.

Rhea Lana’s is a lot of moms helping moms and that’s how motherhood should be. One of the biggest ways that the Germantown event will help is by inviting foster families to shop the items for free. Carmen shared that her heart really isn’t in getting the best deals for her family, Her heart is really about providing high-quality, boutique items and coveted consignor cash to every family who needs it.