Valentine's Day Craft

Looking for a fun and easy craft that your creative littles will love for Valentine's Day? Oh, and did we mention it’s adorable AND affordable?! You’ll only need a few things:

Wooden beads (we ordered ours on amazon but you can find them at a craft store too!) 

Clear stretchy string (again, here’s the link to the one we got on amazon but craft stores should have them too!)


2-3 acrylic paints (we used hot pink and teal! Use whatever colors your little one is excited about!) 

Paint brush 

Heart drawstring bag from the dollar section of target (something fun to keep the bracelet in!)

Something to paint on so you don't get paint on your table. (i.e. newspaper or wax paper)



1) Lay newspaper or wax paper on your table. (tape wax paper to table to keep it flat!)

2) Painting one color at a time, place a bead on a toothpick and paint all around it! You could hold the tooth pick while your kids paints. We went for random almost splatter paint style! We even left a little of the wood showing! Shouldn’t take long for paint to dry. We just held it and blew on it for a minute then set it down and painted another bead.

3) After you’ve painted the first color on every bead, let all of the beads dry for 10 minutes. Rinse paint brush while beads are drying. 

4) Pick your second color and repeat on each bead!

5) Repeat with a third color if you’d like!

6) After you're totally done painting, let the beads dry for 20 minutes or until they are completely dry. String the beads together on the stretchy string. Finally, tie the two ends in a knot and you're done!