What to Wear to Your Holiday Get Togethers

Have you gotten any invites yet? Thanksgiving feasts. Pilgrim parties. Christmas cookie exchanges. Secret Santas. White elephants. And the annual awkward office holiday gathering.

As you dot your calendar with the festivities of the holiday season, you’re wondering what to wear. We have some ideas for you for every holiday appearance you have to make.

Elementary Class Party: No need to be Fancy Nancy for your child’s classroom cookie decorating, but we all know that it’s fun to look put together. Try something cute but casual. You’ll be bending and kneeling and leaning over to do all your motherly responsibilities, so you want to feel comfortable too.  Jeans with converse or lace up boots plus a t-shirt layered with a button down flannel shirt or scarf is the way to go.

Office Party

For a night out with your coworkers sans kiddos take advantage of the chance to dress up. We’re loving these flared hemlines on a midi length skirt or dress. Choose your holiday color. Don’t be afraid to mix in a cheerful print. Add heels and bright lipstick, and you’re ready to enjoy a night with your office friends.

Family Gatherings

We know. There will be plenty of these. Your parents. His parents.  The stand in grandparents. Sibling group. Sisters dirty Santa. You’ll need a few staple pieces to mix and match to fool your family into thinking you planned a new outfit for each celebration.

Here’s what you need: Black pants. Dark Jeans. Plaid shirt. Solid-colored top.

Add heels and a statement necklace to dress it up.

Here those same black pants go with a plaid flannel tucked in for a more casual look. You could’ve tucked this into a flared skirt for your office party.

For a cozy holiday dinner, pair your solid colored shirt with jeans and boots.

Christmas Church Service

Depending on how formal the church service you’re attending is, you can really get fancy here. It’s safe to say that for a  Christmas Eve or Christmas Day church attendee, you want to go in your “Sunday best.”

Add some sparkle with a sequin skirt. The longer necklace in this look is perfect for the higher neckline. And the strappy heels definitely add a touch of glam. 

White and red together is a classic winter look. If you have the matching red shoes to pair with it, go for it. If not, black heels or even short booties would go with this look too.

And well of course you want to look cute, Mama, but remember your babe will likely be the star of the show. When in doubt just copy Kate Middleton smiling and toting your baby on your hip. How cute is this?

One more thing, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great. Start with what you have in your closet. Mix and match it to pair it multiple ways for multiple outfits. If there’s still a piece you want for a special event, shop secondhand. It’s worth it! You can find name brand, good quality clothes at many secondhand stores for a couple dollars a piece. You don’t have to break the bank to pull off these looks.

Enjoy this season of gathering and celebration. Now you’ll look good while you’re doing it.