Rhea Lana’s of Madison-Ridgeland - A Community Blessing

Carley Pepper’s dream came true the moment that she held her tiny newborn daughter in her arms. But as all of us moms know, the dream of motherhood requires more from us than we might’ve expected.

Carley wanted to pursue motherhood completely. She made a tough decision to leave her full-time job to be a stay-at-home mom. While Carley and her husband, Josh, both agreed she was doing what they wanted, she soon realized that her previously 40-hour career workweek transformed into a 100-hour moment by moment workweek of motherhood.

She loved it. She also admits that it was such a tough transition for her as a woman.

Her role had changed. She realized how much she was contributing to her family in love and sacrifice, investing in their children. But she still felt the pressure that she was no longer contributing with a paycheck.

When Carley became a mom, she did something else for the first time. She shopped for baby things. Except that was a challenge, too, now that her family’s income was different.

Then she found a Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Event. The first time she walked in to her local Rhea Lana’s sale, she knew this was the solution to the tension she’d been feeling. This was a place made to help moms.

She filled her laundry basket with piles of baby fashion she could be proud of. Ruffles, bows, new shoes, great toys, a trendy diaper bag, and more. She excitedly got everything her daughter needed for the next season and had money left over for the diapers and baby food scrawled on that week’s grocery list.

Rhea Lana’s was a place where she could also earn money for her family. She could bring a paycheck just by being a mom, doing regular mom things! What another dream come true!

She knew she couldn’t be the only mom who had ever experienced the struggle with transitioning to fulltime motherhood. So she wanted every mom to know about this opportunity to help their families. She began encouraging her family and friends to earn a paycheck by consigning their children’s outgrown items at the next event.

Except that the event in her area, Madison-Ridgeland, Mississippi, was actually for sale. Which meant there weren’t going to be anymore Rhea Lana’s sales in her community. Carley knew she couldn’t let that happen.

Carley did what every brave mom who wants to help other moms would do: she bought the franchise!  She couldn’t resist an opportunity to bring a sense of worth to her own family, but also to every woman in her community who wanted to do the same.

Through her Rhea Lana’s event, she is empowering the moms in her community to do that for each other too by helping each other out. Every person who consigns, shops, and donates to the Rhea Lana’s sale helps the entire community of local families. Carley makes sure each of those families understands the impact they make to better their city and state.

She tells each of them that what they’re doing matters. And they see that it does: whether it’s by saving money on their children’s next season attire, earning a paycheck to cover the spending, volunteering to create a space for moms to help their families, or donating back to the needy in the community.

She has convinced at least one mom who, while in labor and en route to the hospital to deliver her baby, dropped off her stash of consignment goods. Hey, it was probably on the way! And as you might expect, at the end of sale week, she stopped back by to pick up her paycheck. This time with a sweet newborn in tow!

The local police department also shops the Rhea Lana’s sale. Since these are the men and women aware of so many needs in the community, Carley invites the officers to shop for families. The patrol cars are stocked with children’s clothing essentials so that the officers can help any family they meet who might be in need.

Rhea Lana’s of Madison-Ridgeland is certainly a family event. Carley runs each sale with her family right by her side. Next week, September 10-14, you’ll find Carley, her husband, Josh, and their three children working together at the event. Josh’s oldest son will even celebrate his 14th birthday at the presale event. He said having all of them together doing something they enjoy is exactly how he wants to celebrate.

Carley is a true model and inspiration to every mom. She has made courageous decisions to put her family first. And because of that, she has been able to give other moms permission and ample opportunity to do the same.