What to Wear After You Pack Away Your White Jeans

Labor Day: a chance to soak up the last bit of summer. Head to the lake, sport the tankini, buckle up those little ones’ puddle jumpers, and wear you white pants to the cookout. Old-fashioned rules that most people still respect say Labor Day means you have to put away your white attire, including but not limited to

-white shorts

-white shoes

-white dresses

-and saddest of all for the prep inside all of us: white jeans.

See you at Easter, beloved summer staple.

But don’t worry. You’re not stuck with nothing to wear. Fall has great fashion staples of its own. Here’s a look at what colors and prints to wear as the season changes.

Cranberry: Burgundy, raspberry, wine, maroon, plum. It doesn’t matter what you call it, just wear it. That pop of reddish purply warmth adds vibrancy and energy to your fall wardrobe. This is a great color for your manicure too that will last throughout the cooler season.


Army Green This is such a versatile color. It’s great for late summer through Thanksgiving. A few short-sleeved shirts will come in handy on the warmer days. Grab a cardigan to layer over it as the crisp fall air moves in. What a great autumn neutral to wear casual with a pair of jeans or even in a simple dress.


Mustard As a chill settles in the air, glowing hues warm the soul.  Exotic and spicy, golden olive and deep lemon tones add a touch of zest to your outings.


Animal Print This is a bold look, but anyone can pull it off. If you feel up for it, wear animal as your main piece. If you want to ease into this trend, try it as an accessory. It’ll add a little fun to your day to day style.


Plaid Plaid is such a fall standard you could probably get away with wearing it every day. From blanket scarf to button down to overcoat, packing your closet with plaid is sure to please.


Warm neutrals The blazing colors on the trees and ground add ardor of their own. When you want to let nature shine, choose a neutral piece to wear. Cream, tan, taupe, camel, gold, and even gray are great as a textured piece. Try ribbed sweaters, herringbone vests, and fur accessories to mix up this simple color palette.   


See? You don’t have to mourn the passing of airy summer looks. Fold them nicely and slide them underneath your bed. You’ll be ready to welcome them again in March but for now, you’re set to traipse into fall with fashion and comfort.