How to Make the Most of Football Season!

You may or may not know that college football season is upon us. At our house, that means adorning our front door with a mascot wreath, making sure the girls’ appropriate colored cheer uniforms still fit, and blocking out Saturdays for channel hopping from game to game to game.

I’m honestly not into watching the games but when game day gives me reason to wear a cute outfit, put bows in my kids’ hair, and get a few families together, I consider it worthwhile. In many parts of the country, it’s simply a cultural thing.

So as you plan for kickoff week, here are a few ways to make the most of the fun.

1 .Make it a family ordeal. It can seem easier to let your husband head out for guy time to watch the game, but when it’s every weekend for the entire football season that’s a lot of family time he’ll be missing. Include the kids too by making it a special event to take them to their first college game when they’re still young. Buy some game food and teach them the fight song. Spend some game days at home watching the game as a family. Let the kids pick out snacks and explain the rules of the game to them. Teach them when to cheer and yell for their team. And of course, no game day is complete without your little girl dressed in her cheer uniform.

2.  Dress for the occasion. Don’t leave the team attire for the rest of your household. You might not be add the matching lipstick and heels like during your college days, but it’s still fun to look the part. You can go casual with a team tee and matching wrap. Or even prep it up with a versatile outfit that seems totally grown up. You don’t have to spend a lot to get the look either. Shop your local thrift and consignment stores. You’re sure to find a couple pieces of mascot and color appropriate game day wear.


3. Invite some friends. This is an obvious. But seriously, even if you don’t have those set friends who you do everything with invite someone for football. Football watching is such a universal yes. And think about it: the game will be on so you’ll be too busy watching to notice any awkward silences. Inviting someone for game day is such a guaranteed win!

4. Share some food. Sausage dip and loaded tater tot skewers are not on your diet. But you better eat a few bites during the game for good luck. Have the kids help you make football shaped rice krispie treats and popcorn snack mix. In fact, game day is the perfect excuse to serve an array of snacks for supper, getting out of preparing a large family meal.

5. Have fun! Game days are great reasons to kick back and enjoy time with those you love. Even if you’re not into the game, you can be into the experience. It’s an easy time to make memories, create traditions, and cheer on your team!


~Tracy Lane