4 Ways to Transition Back to School

Has it happened to you yet? Just last week I was sifting through my inbox, trying to find that summer coupon for an afternoon ice cream run. You know what terrifying intruder I found instead?

“All Your Back to School Needs.” NOOOOOOO!

It’s invaded your inbox too hasn’t it? And your sidewalk mailbox? And your newsfeed?

-School supply lists

-Tartan romper discounts

-Peter Pan collars consigned

-Closed toe shoes galore

As much as I’m soaking up the summer sun days, it’s time to face reality. The start of another school year is only a couple weeks away. Since that’s the truth for you too, here are some helps on getting your family ready for back to school

1.  Ease back into the bedtime routine. The long days of sunshine make summer bedtime hard. Plus when your kids don’t have to get up early for anything, shifting to a couple hours later seems simple enough. Until August…when school alarms buzz way too early for school bells that ring before 8am. At least by the week before school start, have your kids going to bed at their school expected bedtime. You’ll miss the last lightning bugs but you’ll thank yourself when you miss out on cranky  back to school morning kids too.

2.  Know when and where to shop the sales. Your kids need a million items to be ready for the classroom from pencils and notebooks to leggings and underwear. Stocking up on these needs can get pricey, especially if you have more than one child. Go easier on your bank account by shopping wisely (and timely). Rhea Lana’s Consignment Events are happening all over the country throughout August and September. This is the perfect place to pick up their fall and winter wardrobe. Find like new uniform pieces, shoes for play and ballet, and cute holiday outfits for those photo ops ahead. For school supplies be sure to check sale ads among competitors. Most retailers will price match, so you can get the best value but still only shop your favorite store.

3.  Make a family schedule. In the summer, your days are long and leisurely. Time with your kids is easy to come by. Sending them out of the house five days a week changes all of that. You’ll have to be much more intentional now. Be sure you have a plan in place to make the most of the time you do get with your kids. Determine to initiate authentic conversation in the pickup line. Eat a family meal together at least twice a week. Implement a weekly tradition: Friday pizza night, Saturday morning bike rides, or family lunch after church. The weekly rhythm will bond your family together even when your time is limited.

4.  Reach out to a new family. Every year that’s at least a few new kids at your child’s school. I moved a lot growing up so I was that kid too many times. Encourage your child to be the one who welcomes the new students and makes a place for them to fit in. It’ll help if they see you be the mom who does this for the new students’ moms too. Just start with saying hi at drop off and introduce yourself at the class parties. A little effort goes a long way. And who knows? You might gain a new friend in the process. 

Now that you’re all pumped for Back to School, take a deep breath. You don’t have to do any of it quite yet! Live up the last days of summer, fully enjoying the sweetness of each season.