Summer Date Night Ideas

It’s no secret. Healthy kids have happy parents.

While it’s easy to get caught up in your parenting commitments, sometimes the best thing you can do for your children is get a babysitter and head out for a night, just the two of you. Remember you were together before you had kids. And it might feel long right now, but your parenting years will end at 18 ,and you’ll still be doing life with your spouse.

Working on your marriage is a fun and worthwhile project. Here are a few date night ideas to take the guesswork out of making time together.

1. Tour your city. During summer months, many cities have free activities. In our community the downtown trolley offers free rides. So google “What’s Free in [Your City]” and get going.

2. Have a picnic. Make a few pb&j sandwiches, throw a blanket in the basket, and you’re set. If you want to go a little more romantic, wait till sunset and pick up your favorite restaurant takeout on the way to a hilltop. Snuggle up, share a glass of wine, and talk about your favorite summer memories.

3. Take a hike. Be sure to slather yourself in sunscreen and bug spray first. Then head outdoors to a local trail. Just being out in nature can be relaxing and creates a great space for connecting with your spouse distraction free.

4. Stargaze in your backyard. You don’t even need a sitter for this! Put the kids to bed and sneak out the backdoor. Lay on your backs, side by side, and talk about the dreams you still want to accomplish.

5. Play minigolf. Honestly, it’s pretty much guaranteed that every couple did this as an awkward early dating activity. Recreate it. Except it’s not awkward now. You can kiss at whim and actually beat him this time around.

6. Shop a farmer’s market. Summer time is full of delicious fresh food. Pick up some local tomatoes, watermelons, squash, and strawberries. For fun, see if you can make a meal out of just what you find at the market.

7. Watch the sunrise. Either of you an early bird? Plan one morning to wake up before the kids. I know that’s EARLY. But watching the sunrise on another day with your sweetie will be time well spent.

8. Go to a baseball game. Buy the cheap tickets and sit in the outfield lawn. Be sure to indulge on the delightful fare: barbecue nachos, hot dogs, caramel corn, and funnel cakes are classics.

Now you know what to do. Go and enjoy being with your spouse. It’s time to rekindle some romance!