Rhea Lana's of Sarasota - Hardworking Entrepreneurs

When your baby brother gets married you always hope you’d gain a sister worth having. You know, one you can shop with, share clothes with, start a business with.

Wait.  Admittedly going into business together is a little far.

Typically you don’t plan to run a company with that girl you scrutinized the first time your brother brought her home for dinner. But that’s exactly what happened to Rachel Tarro.

Five years ago she was at a play group where someone handed her a flyer about a local Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale. This was the first sale like this in her area, so the concept was totally new to her. But hey—with a houseful of kids and living on a budget she loved the idea of buying quality clothes at bargain price.

Amber Gingerich, her sister-in-law, heard about the sale at the next family get together. Overly excited by the idea of getting all of her kids’ gear in one place, in a single shopping trip, she was in full agreement to accompany Rachel to the new Rhea Lana’s event!

Then they got another idea. There’s not a clear consensus on who thought of it first but one of them mused: We could do this. We could run this! If we need this type of sale so much, so does every other tired mom trying to love and clothe her family well.

So they did what all honest, hard-working entrepreneurs do. They went and scouted—er, shopped—the new sale in their neighbor county. While they filled their laundry baskets, they took rigorous notes on every detail. One exposure was all they needed.

They were ready to dive in to this partnership of owning their own Rhea Lana’s Franchise.          

Running a business with anyone is a challenge. Merging two sets of ideas, two opinions, two pocketbooks, two families is a huge undertaking.  But eleven sales later they’re stronger than ever. Over the years of co-owning their franchise, Rachel and Amber have celebrated pregnancies together, alternated breastmilk pumping schedules hunched underneath sort tables, endured miscarriages together, and grown to love the craziness of sale season.

They’ve made a name for themselves. More importantly they’ve made a community for the moms in their area. Amber shared what an honor it is to watch the consignor and shopper families grow, to see the kids around town clad in Rhea Lana’s finds. She echoes what an honor it has been to have the consignors and shoppers watch her family grow to now four children, ages 7 years to 9 months. The outpouring of support from her volunteers has gotten her through very difficult times in her mothering. And the privilege of praying for and supporting her volunteers and shoppers through very difficult times in their mothering is a blessing she never expected when she launched this business.

Rachel agrees that the friends they’ve made through meeting the needs of families in their area has been the best part of their business presence in their town. She adds that Rhea Lana’s is different than a typical mom job because it’s flexible. Most days she has the freedom to simply be a mom to her five children, ages 14 to 2.

Rachel and Amber know that motherhood is the most important thing to most moms. So they are happy to be doing their part to make momming easy and doable for the Sarasota, Florida families. Visit their sale that opens this Sunday, May 7, with a presale Saturday night.