If You Give a Notebook a Makeover {with Washi Tape!}

I have a confession to make… I love notebooks. I’ve been purge cleaning my office and craft area, and it’s a li’l insane how many notebooks I’ve had stuffed in drawers, baskets, on my desk, pretty much everywhere. I’ve actually found a few I’d forgotten I had. They’re a little like shoes to me, even the plain old cheap ones during back to school season. A girl can never have too many notebooks. And if it’s a cute notebook? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.

While perusing Pinterest one night before school started, I saw a few washi tape pencil crafts… Such a cute idea, pencils wrapped in decorative washi tape! That’s when I got the idea to cover some of my el cheapo notebooks with washi tape. 

Covering notebooks with washi tape is so easy and simple to do. There’s no right or wrong way to decorate a notebook cover. Washi tape is so easy to use too; if you do make a mistake, it peels right off, making it both an adult and kid-friendly craft. 

Supplies You Need for Washi Tape Notebooks

  • Notebooks
  • Washi tape in a variety of designs
  • Scissors

How to Design a Washi Tape Notebook

Your first step is to pick out your notebooks and your washi tape designs. I really love a colorful design, so I picked out a few different designs to mix and match. I also picked up a few notebooks in bright colors.

Figure out how you want to decorate your notebook cover. Which direction do you want to go with your tape? You can go as detailed and intricate or as simple as you want with your design. Again, there’s no wrong or right way; it’s all about letting your inner creative genius come out to play. Have fun with it!

One thing I recommend is not to tear the washi tape, but cut it with scissors. That’ll give you a nice, even edge to work with.

As you place the washi tape on the notebook, press firmly to help it adhere well to the surface.

Then wrap the ends of the tape to the inside of the notebook cover. You can trim the ends as needed with a craft knife.

And that’s pretty much it! It’s such a simple craft but super fun! There’s no end to the types of designs a person could come up with. Personally, I love my notebook so much, I made Jaden one.

(Insert Use Variety of Washi Tape for Different Designs photo) I’m even considering giving my phone case a makeover.

Washi tape everything.

Happy crafting!

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