10 Simple and Easy to Make Homemade Baby Food Recipes

With our third baby, I’m reminded that baby food is so simple yet so expensive. He’s at that stage where he’s starting to eat real food, and boy does he ever love his food. So far, we’ve found that he absolutely loves pumpkin, apple, and sweet potatoes.

At this stage, foods are very basic, things like pureed vegetables, fruits, and granola. Ingredients are so simple we could literally puree a handful of green beans and grab a spoon.

Making your own baby food has several benefits including… 1) It may not be as processed as jarred baby food, meaning you know exactly what’s going into your baby’s mouth; and 2) It’s relatively inexpensive compared to already processed and packaged jars of baby food. It’s really not that difficult either. It just takes the basic ingredients to do so, a fair amount of time, and the right supplies.

Here are a few simple recipes you can use to create your own baby food. Happy feeding!

1. Coffee with Us 3 shares an informative tutorial for how to actually make Homemade Baby Food. She also shares a recipe for Homemade Rice Cereal.

2. Must Have Mom shares Tips for Transitioning Baby to Solids and Favorite Recipes for Sweet Potato Yogurt Parsnip, Pear & Sweet Potato Puree, Fruit & Chickpea Puree, and Pumpkin Banana Puree.

3. The Diva Dish shares super helpful tips for Where to Begin and Pureeing in Bulk, along with a few recipes.

4. Learn how to Make Sweet Potatoes 2 Ways with Tales of a Tired Mom.

5. Dessert for Two shares a recipe for Chicken Carrot Baby Puree.

6. Learn how to cook and store your baby’s food with Homemade Baby Food 101 by Sew Many Ways Kimi. You’ll also find quite a few recipes and a list of feeding essentials!

7. Get 5 recipes and learn how to make Homemade Baby Food Pouches with Family Food on the Table.

8. House Mix breaks it all down and shows you How to Make Baby Food in 45 Minutes a Week and Save 50 Percent.

9. Make a yummy Peaches with Banana Puree with this recipe from Smart Mom Stuff.

10. BuonaPappa shares a recipe for a Green Beans & Avocado & Chicken Baby Puree.

What’s your baby’s favorite food so far? Let’s chat in the comments!

By The Women Bloggers member Mel Lockcuff of Adventures of Mel.