16 Inexpensive and Easy to Make Halloween Costumes for Kids

My kids have often said that next to Christmas, Halloween is their favorite day of the year. We like to call it a holiday because to them, it really is. They’ve always looked forward to Halloween and what they’re going to be, trick-or-treating, and of course, all the candy. When it comes to Halloween costumes, sometimes we’ve made them and sometimes we’ve bought them. More often than not, we’ve kept it fairly simple and made the costumes.

This year, my 8 year old’s already had several light bulb ideas for what he wants to be. I’m not sure yet who or what he’ll end up as, but it’s about time to get a move on gathering the supplies and making his costume, so I’m hoping he decides soon. As for our 14 year old, he hasn’t really made a lot of mention… Could it be that he’s nearing the age of feeling too old to trick-or-treat? I hope not, but I know it’s likely. And as for the baby, I’m sure we’ll have a ton of fun dressing him up.

Whether you like classic costumes, superheroes, or spooky characters, this list of costumes will hopefully give you and your kids the inspiration you need for this year’s amazing Halloween costume.

Classic Halloween Costumes

1. How to Make a Pirate Costume for Kids – Last Minute DIY by AppleGreen Cottage

2. DIY Scarecrow Costume by Where the Smiles Have Been

3. Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume: Glowing Stick Man by Creative Green Living

4. DIY Baby Hedgehog Costume Tutorial by Andrea’s Notebook

5. DIY Dress Up: Mailman by Making of a Mom

6. DIY Mega Bloks Halloween Costume Idea by Raising Whasians

7. Fisherman Costume Tutorial {Easy & No-Sew} by Creative Green Living

8. Easy Greek Goddess Costume by Uncommon Designs


Favorite Character or Superhero Halloween Costumes

9. DIY Elmo Costume for Toddlers by Moms & Crafters

10. How to Make a Minnie Mouse Tutu by School Time Snippets

11. DIY Garfield Halloween Costume by Adventures of Mel

12. DIY Captain America Shield by Making of a Mom

13. How to Make a Jack Sparrow Costume by The Country Chic Cottage


Spooky Character Halloween Costumes

14. Halloween Costumes Kids Can Make: Mummies by Red Ted Art

15. Make a Frankenstein Shirt for Halloween by Crafts By Amanda

16. Halloween Bride by Red Ted Art

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Whoever or whatever your kids choose to be, Happy Halloween!

By The Women Bloggers member Mel Lockcuff of Adventures of Mel.