What You Really Need for a Newborn Baby

Not that long ago, we were expecting our third child. We’d saved a few things from our older boys, but quite a few of our bigger necessities were either outdated or had aged poorly while stored away. I knew, from previous pregnancies, not to go overboard when purchasing all the basic necessities for a baby. It’s so easy to do, though, isn’t it? There were things I knew for sure we’d need; then there were things I knew to avoid purchasing because I’d probably never use them (though intentions were good), my older boys never liked them, or they were just flat out unnecessary. Even with our third boy, I’ve learned things that work and things that don’t. 

When thinking about what you need for your newborn baby, there are 6 main categories you need to think about.

1) How will you feed your baby? Whether you breast or bottle feed, you’ll need to consider the following supplies:

-Breast pump & supplies (for instance, breast milk storage bags)
-Nursing cover

-Nursing pads


-Formula mixing pitcher – At first, I thought this was unnecessary, but just trust me on this one.

-Bottles with extra nipples

-Bottle brush

-Bottle warmer & sterilizer

-Bottle drying rack


-Burp cloths (loads and loads of burp cloths)


2) What will your baby wear? This was an easy category for me because we’d actually saved a lot of our boys’ old clothes. There are a few basic necessities you want to be sure to have on hand. One key thing I remembered from our older boys was not to get too many newborn sized clothes because they grew out of them so quickly.

-Onesies (loads of onesies)

-Socks - Baby’s feet get so cold, even in summer.

-Pants or shorts to wear over onesies

-Footie pajamas

-Receiving blankets (especially for swaddling)


3) How will Baby sleep? Where will he sleep? Is his sleeping space a safe environment? What do you need for peace of mind? All questions to ask yourself, and you may want to consider the following items.

-Bassinet - We actually purchased something new with Baby Zeke, a Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. It has been a lifesaver sent from Heaven above. While the rocking feature is nice, we haven’t used that as much. What we really love about it is how easy it is to move around the house. It’s wonderful!


-Crib, crib mattress and crib sheets

-Baby monitor

-Pack ‘n Play or Travel Bed – This is great for outdoors, for traveling and more.

-Rocking chair – Thank goodness for our old rocker recliner. I don’t know where I’d be without it. This baby boy loves to be rocked, and sometimes it’s the only way to get him to take a nap.


4) What do you need for Baby’s health and hygiene?

-Diapers – Can I just say here that you may want to wait to stock up ‘til you find the right fit for your baby? Some diapers leak, and some diapers work well with one baby and not so well with the next.

-Baby wipes

-Butt cream

-Diaper pail – I wouldn’t be without my Diaper Genie.

-Baby wash, shampoo and lotion

-Hooded bath towels (at least 2)

-Changing pad – We inexpensively converted a dresser top into a DIY changing table.

-Nasal aspirator


-Nail clippers

-Clothes basket or hamper

-Medicine pacifier – This thing needs no explanation; I don’t know where this was with our first two boys. It’s just awesome!

-Gas drops (Please consult your physician before using.)

-Gripe Water (Please consult your physician before using.)


5) What about when you’re on the go with Baby… What will you need then?

-Car seat – Always buy new when purchasing a car seat.


-Diaper bag – We made the choice to purchase a backpack diaper bag this time ‘round, and I couldn’t be happier with that choice. Whether we’re going to town or hiking the trails, that backpack has come in quite handy.

-Baby carrier – This is something my first two never liked, but I’ve used it a couple of times with Baby Zeke. If you need a way to be hands-free so you can get things done, you may want to try a carrier or wrap. Again, it’s trial and error with each baby; you may even want to borrow one from a friend before buying, just so you can try it out.

-Pacifier clip


6) Does a newborn really play? Well, not really, but there are things that may help to soothe or entertain Baby.


-Baby gym or play mat



7) Extras you’ll most likely want or need…


-Baby book



Do you have what you need for Baby? Hopefully, you’ll find this list helpful in preparing for your sweet bundle of joy.

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By The Women Bloggers member Mel Lockcuff of Adventures of Mel.