Fun Crafts to Make with Old Puzzle Pieces

By The Women Bloggers member Sarah E. White


Rhea Lana sales are great places to find used puzzles for good prices, and a great place to sell puzzles your kids aren’t playing with anymore, if you still have all the pieces.

But if you happen to have a puzzle that doesn’t have all the pieces anymore, you don’t have to trash it. There are tons of fun crafts you and your kids can make with old puzzle pieces. You might even want to buy a puzzle at the next sale just to use it for these purposes.

Puzzle Piece Ornaments

A classic project made with puzzle pieces is puzzle piece ornaments. You can easily make a snowflake shape out of puzzle pieces (Red Ted Art has instructions if you need them). You can paint the pieces white (or red or green) if you want, or use the ornaments as a keepsake or a favorite puzzle or character you kid loves.

Go beyond the basic and make ornaments shaped like Christmas trees (this one is from About Family Crafts) or wreaths, like this one from Exquisitely Unremarkable.

Or make an adorable puzzle piece reindeer like this one from Family Fun Crafts.

Gift Ideas Made with Puzzle Pieces

I love these puzzle piece frames from Buggy and Buddy, which are perfect for gift giving. There’s a Christmas ornament version, too.

The Active Toddler’s We Love You to Pieces craft is a great one for grandparents, teacher appreciation or any other holiday when love is in order. It uses craft sticks, too, which we always seem to have an abundance of.

The jigsaw puzzle piece bookmarks from A Room of Wonders are great because kids get to decorate them and then make them into bookmarks. They’d also be great to make for kids with the gift of a book.

If you have a whole lot of pieces you need to use up, the puzzle piece monogram wall art from View From the Fridge is great, and kids can help glue the pieces to the letter shapes.

And the puzzle piece necklaces from Child in Harmony would be a super-sweet gift for your child to share with a couple of friends.


Make Animals Out of Pieces

Once you start thinking about it, an individual puzzle piece or two can easily be remade to look like a little animal. Scroll down on this page from Danielle’s Place and you’ll find a lion made from puzzle pieces; she also has a page full of fun ideas, from a giraffe to a penguin, a turtle (so cute!) to a panda. These would be cute on greeting cards or attached to craft stick to make a tiny, transportable puppet theater.

How do you use puzzle pieces in crafts? I’d love to hear your ideas.