Build Your Crafty Stash at Rhea Lana's

We all think of Rhea Lana sales as being the best place to buy kids’ clothing and shoes, and you probably hit up the toy and book sections while you’re there, too.

But did you know you can often find quality, inexpensive craft supplies at your local Rhea Lana's? It’s true!

At a recent sale on half-price day I picked up a whole bag of plastic jewels for $1.50 and a flower loom kit, new in the box, also for $1.50.

Here are some tips for shopping for craft supplies at Rhea Lana, and ideas for what to do with them when you bring them home.

Keep an Open Mind

Like anything else at Rhea Lana, you never know quite what you’ll find when it comes to craft supplies. It works better if you don’t have any expectations and just go to explore.

I’ve seen everything from a box of random craft supplies (including lengths of yarn, buttons and feathers) to a Cricut machine, a bag of crayons to a bunch of unassembled wooden bird houses, tons of beads and all sorts of craft kits. Just go to explore and you’ll probably find something interesting.

Look for Kits

It seems like lots of people’s kids get craft kits for their birthdays or other holidays that they don’t end up using, so you can get some great deals on new in the box projects, which are great if you have a kid who has an interest in those things.

The flower loom kit I admittedly bought for myself, but my daughter might get some use out of it, too.

Stocking up on kits is a great idea for summer, because there are going to be days full of boredom when it’s too hot to go outside, so having some ready-to-make projects you don’t have to plan or hunt around for supplies for will be a big help.

Think about Projects

Even if you can’t find kits, think about the kinds of crafts your kids are into and how you might use the supplies you see. That bag of crayons might be great for someone who loves to color, or you could melt the crayons down into different shapes, mixing colors together to see what happens if your kid loves science experiments.

The bag of beads I bought would be great for decorating a plain picture frame or mirror, or they can become buried treasure in the sandbox, used as tokens for a game, they can be color- and shape-sorted for a graphing project, and probably more things I haven’t thought of yet. That’s a lot of use out of $1.50.

Where to Find Crafty Ideas

If you’re stumped as to what to do with something once you get it home, ask your kids. They’ll probably come up with something even better than you might have imagined, especially if you combine a new craft material with some things you already have.

If you need more help, look around some of the many excellent kid craft websites. A few of my favorites (aside from my own) include:

Red Ted Art

No Time for Flash Cards

The Imagination Tree

I Heart Crafty Things

Crafty Morning

Have you ever scored a great crafty find at Rhea Lana? We’d love to hear about it! 

Post by Blogger/Rhea Lana's consignor Sarah White.