A Basket Full of Rainy Day Activities for Kids

We’re currently at that wonderful time of year when it’s almost summertime, but we’re still caught in the rainy days of spring. Depending where we live, we enjoy a few rainy days scattered amongst warm, sunny days. A rainy day, especially when you’ve enjoyed several nice days in a row, can certainly throw a wrench in things; but it doesn’t have to.

Writing from personal experience, when I make things available to my boys, they’re much less likely to spend a rainy day on the couch and more likely to get up and do something.

There are so many fun things kids can do to pass the time on a rainy day, including adventures, activities, games, crafts, pretend play, and science experiments. Some of these activities may involve the help of Mom and Dad… Others may be more independently based.

A few of the below activities may be more for younger kids, some for older, and a few for all ages. Here’s to banishing the phrase, “I’m bored,” on a rainy day.

Activities and Games for a Rainy Day


Adventures for a Rainy Day

If getting out of the house is your thing or kids are suffering a serious bout of cabin fever, here are a few ideas for adventures you may be able to take in your neck of the woods, no matter where you live.

  • Take a trip to a local museum, whether it’s a children’s museum, an art museum, a history museum, or another museum you know your kids would enjoy.
  • Surprise them with an afternoon at the movies, popcorn and all!
  • Go bowling.
  • Meet up with a friend and find a place to get active, whether it’s a community center, trampoline park, rock climbing wall, an indoor pool, indoor mini golf, or maybe an indoor playground.
  • Take a class together. If you search, you may be able to find classes in your area that involve art, pottery, cooking, and more.
  • Find out what your local library has going on and hit the library for activities and a bag full of books. The pages of a good book offer way more adventures than one can ever imagine.
  • Puddle Jumping – If it’s warm enough, don your rain boots and raincoats, and head outside for some good, old-fashioned puddle jumping!

Crafts for a Rainy Day


Pretend Play for a Rainy Day


Science Activities and Experiments for a Rainy Day


As you can see, a rainy day can be far from boring. Whatever you choose to do, hooray for rainy days, kids, and loads of FUN!

Post by Mel Lockcuff of Adventures with Mel.