Adventure Gift Guide: Let Us Help You Find What They Want

The State Park Kids Top 9 Adventure Gifts

From @theparkwife: I’m always trying to find the perfect gift that provides opportunities for our guys to be fierce and dangerous, to train them to be warriors that seek adventure, that will be fun, creative, and could possibly teach them something that might help them grow up to be all that they were created to be. Tall order there.

From @StateParkKids: Do you get overwhelmed trying to find the perfect gift for your adventure seeking child? We are blessed to be growing up on a state park and seek adventure and the biggest mud holes around. Ask our mom, she has a lot of laundry.

The State Park Kids top picks for adventure gifts this Christmas:


Spy Gear Rope Lego Adventure Gifts Presents Boys  Children

9. Spy Gear

Spy gear is one of our personal favorites, there is a massive array of tools, gear and non-lethal weapons. And with listening devices, night vision goggles and of course spy belts, these are some more great adventure gifts.

8. Tactical Rope
A tactical rope is an awesome addition to our Top 9. At first you may not think it’s not that cool, but as soon as you use it, it's the other way around! Use it to make a homemade swing like Tarzan or even try lassoing the cow that jumps over the moon or your dog.

7. Legos
Not exactly adventure gear, but a good way to plan out your adventures! Did you know that Lego, loosely translated, means “to put together” in Latin. But “to put together” is just the beginning with those buckets of colorful bricks. Legos are about putting together, then taking apart, then reassembling in new ways. And moms, do not get rid of your kids Legos. Even if they are not into them anymore, wait a while, they will get back into them.


Tools Wood Working Adventure Bow Arrow Gifts Presents Boys


6. Wood Working Set
A woodworking kit is another great gift for adventuresome boys, be ready, these can be a piece of work to put together. The average number of hours a day that kids spend on technology is eight hours. So, give them something else to keep their hands busy. A toolbox, small chest, no matter how big or small the woodworking project, just get them started.

5. Military Gear
This one has a lot of varieties to choose from. Everything from helmets, to flashlights, to even watches and shovels! Even though your kid might be hard headed, he still needs a helmet.

4. Bow and Arrow
You have to be crazy to think that shooting a bow and arrow is not cool. Any adventuresome boy would love a compound, or even a long bow. Just make sure not to shoot dad's backend when he's getting your arrow from the target!


Dangerous Books Boy Gun Adventure Gifts Presents Christmas Children


3. Dangerous Book for Boys
Now this is a book worth reading, golly! We can spend hours looking at it and finding projects to do. Warning: there are a lot of kinds of paper airplanes and a lot of ropes tied in some amazingly cool knots. Your mom might say they are a big mess in your room.

2. BB Gun/Pellet Gun
These are a no brainier for any die-hard adventure kind of kid! You’ll shoot your eye out!  Or not, if you teach the rules of gun safety and spend time with them while using the gun. Remember some key rules of BB Gun ownership, such as, always keep your gun aimed in a safe direction (yes, away from your sister) and unload it when not using it (there might be some BB’s that end up in the vacuum cleaner).


Swiss Army Knife Tools Boys Children Adventure Gift Present Christmas


1. Swiss Army Knife
Undoubtedly the #1 boys gift! With an array of tools and household workings, this is definitely the best adventure gift! I think every outdoor boy dreams of his first knife, it’s part of becoming a responsible young man gifted from a father, grandfather, uncle, or other special men in their lives. The shiny red case with the Swiss flag will have your kids yearning to carve sticks, shave tinder for a fire, or use the screwdriver to fix something around the house. Yes, rules must be implemented in the beginning so you do not have to use a whole bottle of liquid Band-Aid. Do not ask how our mom knows that.

Oh, and don’t forget the camo face paint.
Merry Christmas,
The State Park Kids

The State Park Kids are explorers and adventurers who love the Lord and His creation. Grab a map and a compass and hop over to their newly launched blog to follow their adventures.