Save and Enjoy Your Child’s Artwork, School Work and More!

Moms and Dads, we know how clutter can fill your home fast with all the pieces of paper your child brings home each week.  From amazing artwork to an A+ on a test, you have probably stacked them all on the counter and are now looking at them thinking, what am I going to do with all of this?   It is hard to figure out what to keep and how to preserve it. 


We did a little research and found several great sites that may just be the answer we have all been looking for.   Note:  we have not personally used these businesses.



drawing, artwork, ArtKive

The clutter-free way to save and enjoy your child’s artwork

How does Artkive work?

  1. Create an account and add the first names and grades of your children
  2. Take photos of their artwork or upload from your camera roll
  3. Tag your photo with the child’s name, grade, date, and title
  4. Share with family and friends or turn your Artkive into a book or other great products


Plum Print

drawing, artwork, Plum Print

Turn Creative Clutter into Timeless Books

How does Plum Print work?

1.      With a $39.99 deposit, a gorgeous shipping kit arrives on your doorstep. (No need to decide on book size just yet-that comes later.)

2.      Fill your box with all your favorites-artwork, report cards, spelling tests, photos, clay figures-it’s all fair game!  Fill out the Art Submission Form, found in the shipping kit, indicating which book size you’d like to order.  Attach the pre-paid shipping sticker to the outside of your box and send it back.

3.      They will send you an email and an invoice when your artwork arrives in their studio. Pricing is based upon number of pieces of art. See full pricing here. Your $39.99 deposit will be deducted from the invoice.

4.      In 1-2 weeks after payment, you will receive a digital proof via email to flip through and approve.

5.      Voila! Your beautiful work comes back in a book. (If you've asked for your artwork to be returned, it will arrive separately from your Plum Print book.)



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We bring artwork to life

How does Budsie work?

  1. They accept your artwork by upload, email or even text message. Once received each picture is reviewed by their team. They will reach out to you if they have any questions about your design.
  2. Their designers pick out the best colors and textures of plush to match your drawing or photo.
  3. Since no two Budsies plush gifts are alike, their designers draw a custom pattern for each element of your concept. Most Budsies consist of dozens of custom fabric shapes - it's no small task!
  4. After the designs are drawn, their cutting team cuts the fabric patterns and their seamstress team then begins the long process of stitching all the parts into a unified creation.
  5. One of our most fun parts of the process, this is where they first get to see your Budsie take shape in its full 3D beauty!
  6. Each Budsie goes through two rounds of inspection: one occurs with their production team and another handled in their headquarters.
  7. They make sure that your Budsie-opening experience matches the quality of the work that went into making it. (And yes they wear Santa hats while packing them).
  8. They do their best to keep you updated about your Budsie's progress
  9. Their saddest time is when the Budsies leave their offices. But their happiest time is when they get your photos of happy artists with their Budsies. Have your camera ready when the box arrives!



artwork, kids, 3D

Turn your kid’s artwork into handcrafted jewelry.

How does KiDoodles work?

1.      Once you order a kit, you will submit your drawing in with the order form

2.      Your order will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

3.      Every piece is lovingly hand crafted by Joy one at a time. Joy works with a combination of precious metals, sterling silver and 14k gold which comes in sheet and wire.  She cuts pieces out of the sheet with a very thin bladed jeweler’s saw and solder them together with an oxygen and propane torch, sometimes as much as a dozen different times.  Joy manipulates wire with pliers and solder it on for arms, hair, hands, legs, eyeglasses, rings, bracelets, even shoelaces!  Add pin parts or jump rings, and apply a nice brush finish.