Give them the Gift of a Simple Summer

With summer officially in full swing, we wanted to send our Rhea Lana Moms a little encouragement and help take the pressure off. Give your children the gift of a simple summer!

From Pinterest to Instagram to Facebook and beyond, you will see bucket lists of things to do with your kids this summer; camps to attend, goals to accomplish, places to go, vacations to take, things to learn, it seems like another never-ending to-do list. It can get overwhelming and you can spend your entire summer being busier than you've been the past school year.

We love the great ideas, inspiration and encouragement we find online, but let’s get out there and make it happen, but let’s KEEP IT REAL this summer and truly enjoy our time with family and friends.

summer fun, mud


Simple Summer Tips

1. Let them be bored.

They don't have to be entertained the whole day; needing somewhere to go, something to do or someone to entertain them. Let them be bored. Boredom is a great start to creativity.

2. Let them get dirty.

mud puddles, summer fun

Mud puddles were made for little boys (and little girls too!).

3. Go fish.

fishing, summer

Take them fishing, after you've made them dig up all their own worms.

4. Catch tadpoles. Fun and learning all in one.

tadpoles, summer fun

Give them a jar, and then take them to the library to check out a book on tadpoles.

5. Catch Fireflies.

7. Watch two movies in a row, popcorn optional, but it’s summer, so get to popping.

8. Eat dessert for breakfast.

Better yet, eat dessert for breakfast at noon.

9. Eat watermelon for supper, and every other meal during watermelon season.

10. Enjoy Popsicles on the porch.

11. Make homemade ice cream on a random weeknight.

12. Read books. 

13. Blow bubbles.

14. Ignore this list and do whatever you want this summer! Just enjoy it! Keep it simple!

OK, we realize that we just created another to-do list, oh mercy. Let go of the pressure to squeeze every fun thing into one summer. Have completely unplanned days, enjoy your own backyard and the people that surround you. Memories of simple summers will always be with your kids and will be easier on everyone.

What would you add to this list to make it a simple summer?