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It's that time again!  Yay for summer and more importantly, summer reading fun!  That Book Mama here and I'm back again to tell you about some great books for summer. As always, I'll tell you about some of my top favorites and also include a “Bonus Book” just in case you have already read everything I suggest. I know you'll find something here to help get you through the long days and hot summer nights.




Top 5 Picture Books about Summer for Ages 2-6


1.  The Very Lonely Firefly – By Eric Carle  Alone in the world, a single firefly begins a search for some friends. Since he was brand new, he was a smidgen confused as to what another firefly might look like. Along the journey, the little firefly mistakenly tried to befriend a light bulb, a candle and several more non-friendly things in the nighttime sky. This story does indeed have a happy ending and a surprise that will put a twinkle in your summer reading fun.

Bonus Book:  It's a Firefly Night  by Dianne Ochiltree

2.  Scaredy Squirrel at the Beach – By Melanie Watt  I LOVE Scaredy Squirrel!  Scaredy is completely scared of everything under the sun...and even the sun. Scaredy never would go to the real beach for fear that he might run into something horrible like pirates, lobsters, jellyfish or worse COCONUTS! He decides he will make his own version of the beach right at home. After gathering everything he needs, one thing is missing. Scaredy decides that he needs to go and get a shell from the real beach so he will have the sound of the ocean right at home. Getting there is quite the challenge. All of the preparation in the world couldn't prepare him for what he found when he got there. Eeeek!!  Danger!!!  Don't worry, Scaredy's got a plan!

Bonus Book:  Duck & Goose Go To The Beach By Tad Hills and Splish, Splash, Splat! By Rob Scotton

3.  It's Summer – By Linda Glaser  Basically throw a blanket over summer and you end up with this book. With rhyming text, summer is described from lying in the grass and looking at the clouds to growing your dinner and chasing fireflies at night. Beautifully illustrated and flowing words make this book a real winner!

Bonus Book:  Mouse's First SummerBy Lauren Thompson

4.  The Relatives Came – By Cynthia Rylant  The cousins are coming!!  Who doesn't love having cousins come and visit?  Summer is here and it’s time for a road trip. Pack up the car, we've got some traveling to do. I remember doing this very thing. We would pile into our cousins house for a visit and everybody would sleep wherever they could find a spot. After the summer work is done and the car gets loaded, the entire family puts some miles between them and home. Staying with relatives proves a challenge but they make it work and everyone has a great time visiting and making memories.

Bonus Book:   Moosekitos - By Margie Palatini and When Lightning Comes In a Jar - By Patricia Polacco

5.  The Summer Visitors – by Karel Hayes  Summer visits to the cabin are a great pastime. From walking in, tiding up and having lots of summer activities to keep everyone occupied to packing up everything for the trip home, this book covers it all. Relaxation with your family has never felt better but what you don't know is, there are some unexpected visitors right around the corner from you. A family of bears celebrates the dog days of summer leaving a human family oblivious to their existence. Sneaky devils!

Bonus Book:  Island Summer - by Catherine Stock

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Top 5 Summer Chapter Books for kids ages 7-11

In honor of summer and all things crafty/boredom buster, I've included some nonfiction books that go along with the chapter books that are listed. Who doesn't love a good craft or game to take up some time on a hot day?

1.  Maze Of Bones – 39 Clues Book 1 (book series written by different authors)  Amy and Dan Cahill, along with other members of their extended family, are called to discuss the will of their newly deceased grandmother. When Grace Cahill passes away she gives each member of her family a choice. They can either take $1 million or take a clue that will lead them on a worldwide adventure and possibly the greatest treasure that they've ever known. Amy and Dan have nothing to lose. Their parents have died and now they have no one. With their au pair in tow, they set off in search of more clues that will lead them to the ultimate of prizes. Also, since each book is written by someone different, it is a great way to find an author that you like and read others by them.

Bonus Book:  Turtle in Paradise – by Jennifer Holm

Non Fiction:  Treasure Hunts - by Lenny Hort

2.  Sarah, Plain and Tall - by Patricia MacLachlan  Anna and Caleb's life was going just fine. They lived on the Great Plains, did chores for their Pa and Anna told Caleb about their Ma. Then, Pa tells the kids of Sarah and how she will comes to visit them. Sarah travels all the way from Maine with a suitcase full of hope and her mind full of new and different ideas. Thank goodness this is only the first book in the series because you won't be able to stop with just one.

Bonus Book:  Little Blog on the Prairie - by Cathleen Davitt Bell

Non Fiction:  1-2-3 Draw Cartoon Sea Critters - by Steve Barr

3.  The Lemonade War – by Jacqueline Davies  What's more fun than having your own lemonade stand in the summer to earn a little extra cash?  Having a competition with your brother, that's what!  Dubbing himself the “Lemonade King” Evan Treski is determined to beat his sister Jesse in sales of lemonade for the summer. Math plays a big part in making sure you give correct change and adding up profits. Reading + Math lessons = No Summer Slide Wahoo!

Bonus Book:  Lawn Boy – Gary Paulsen

Non Fiction:  Build Your Own Mini Golf Course, Lemonade Stand and Other Things to Do By Tammy Enz

4.  Diary of a Wimpy Kid:  The Long Haul – By Jeff Kinney  I normally don't like to suggest a book mid-series, but I'm making an exception here. Folks, this story could have totally happened to my family at one point or another during my childhood or my life now as a parent of three.  Greg Heffley's family decides to go on a road trip. Things start out bad and get continually worse. Making memories is really easy on this trip. From seagulls in the family van to hotel pools with questionable people in them, this book has it all. Totally cracked me up from beginning to end!

Bonus Book:  Junie B. Jones First Grader:  Aloha Ha Ha Ha – By Barbara Park

Non Fiction:  Cool Picnics and Road Food – By Lisa Wagner

5.  This is that part where I'm supposed to pick ONE more book. I decided that adding several short books in this slot made more sense. Kids love mindless reading as much as any adult I know. With so many restrictions during the school year, why not let your kiddo read whatever they want?  Here's a short list of some short books that will be great for when you have a short amount of time to read. Also, listed are some nonfiction books that will be great to get the creative juices flowing and some summer projects rolling.

Summer Vacation from the Black Lagoon - By Mike Thaler

Claude at the Beach – By Alex T. Smith

Camp Buccaneer - By Pam Smallcomb

Kylie Jean Summer Camp Queen – by Marci Peschke

Dilly's Summer Camp Diary - By Cynthia C. Lewis

Grow Your Own Ingredients Pasta Sauce - By Cassie Liversidge

Eco Crafts - By Sally Henry

Follow The Trail:  A Young Person's Guide to the Great outdoors – by Jessica Loy

Step By Step Crafts For Summer - By Kathy Ross

The vacation Activity Book - By Jane Bull


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