2015 Summer Fashion Trends for Moms

A while back we posted on our blog the Top 10 Summer Fashion trends for kids, but today we are back to celebrate the MOMS!

Fashion for moms can sometimes be a huge challenge because moms are too busy doing what’s important and taking care of their sweet kiddos to worry about what’s in their closet. Not to mention, a lot of time what seems to be fashionable is totally non-functional for a mom. Let’s be real here, mom’s can’t wear low cut shirts because they constantly have a sweet little hand pulling her shirt down.

Mom’s can’t wear super tight fitting clothes because let’s face it, when you are constantly picking a kid up, bending over to pick up a dropped toy or tying a shoe, tight clothes just don’t work. The positions we have to get in while being a mom can sometimes be unflattering (like when you have to climb to the top of the jungle gym to rescue your little one or crawl under a bathroom door because they’ve locked themselves in and are having a panic attack) and super tight clothes plus unflattering positions don’t mix.

Another style moms can’t wear are things that are too short. If you’re a mom, then we know you’ve had your kid try to hide under your skirt or lift it up in public.   We have the solutions for you!


1. Tanks and Kimonos

This year the traditional cotton summer cardigans are out and Kimonos are the in thing this year. They are lightweight, oversized and comfy. Kimonos are a quick piece to throw over a tank paired with some cute jeans while running out the door and still look trendy, functional and comfy. You could also put it on over a dress that is sleeveless for a little more coverage.


Tanks and Kimonos

2. Denim on Denim

Don’t be shy this year. Pair a cute denim top with some easy denim jeans and immediately look put together and fashionable.

Denim on denim

3. Printed Tanks

These tanks are great because they aren’t too low and they aren’t too tight. They are loose fitting and comfortable. They have a bit of pop and personality and are not at all frumpy. Perfect for moms!

Printed Tanks

4. Maxi Dresses

Everyone loves a good maxi dress and they are perfect for moms. Maxi dresses are great for just hanging out with friends, taking your kids to the park, or a quick trip to the grocery store. They are comfortable, easy and trendy. Effortless fashion.

maxidress for summer

5. Tunic Tops

Tunic Tops are great for moms because they are flowy and lightweight. The tunic top is all the rage, no more of the short skin tight nonsense. These tunic tops that come down past the waistline are the kind of top everyone loves. With the top coming down as far as they do it makes life easier for moms, wanting to make sure nothing is showing that shouldn't be with picking up kids, toys, or whatever is on the floor that mom sees and has to get, these tops are up for the job with you. The tops come sleeveless, quarter sleeve and with a variety of prints, patterns and colors. Tunic tops are the way to go

summer tunic tops

Cute summer tunics

6. Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees are in this year. Pick one up and pair it with a long necklace, throw on your jeans and sandals and you are instantly fabulous and ready to run out the door.

graphic tanks

7. Simple Summer Dresses

Being made up of a flowy material, simple summer dresses are comfortable and functional. This style of dress- being flowy and not skin tight- is perfect. No one wants something short and tight that you will be constantly adjusting and pulling down. The free falling material has been the style that is preferred. You can wear this style by day or night.

simple summer dresses

crocheted summer style

8. Mommy and Me Outfits

Dress her while you still can! Moms can coordinate outfits with their sweet little girl. It’s precious and easy. Grab at least one this summer! The pictures will be so worth it!

Mommy and Me dresses

9. A-Line Tees

A-line tops are a fashion trend that everyone is loving. They are great because the tops come down further on the sides and make the top have more movement and these kinds of tops are loose at the hips, which a lot of women love. Wearing one of these a-line cut tops and your favorite pair of jeans with a flip-flop wedge is an easy cute outfit that is not too complicated, and is trendy.

A Line tees

10. Boyfriend Jeans

Grab at least one good pair of cute cropped pants for the summer. These are a must have for Summer Mom Fashion. Pair them with any of the great tops listed above and you are instantly fashionable.

boyfriend jeans


Which style is your favorite?


A big Thank You to Dales and Siloe for helping put together our Summer Fashion Trends for Moms!

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By Rhea Lana Blog COntributo Armanda Farris of AmandaFarris.org