Rhea Lana's Boy Fashion Trends

It's almost here…summer!

With that comes the annual clean-out-the-kids-closets-to-see-what-still-fits marathon.  It's amazing how one week your kid's clothes seem to fit just perfectly and the next week they appear to be wearing crop tops with their little belly buttons showing and their shorts look like they should be playing on a 1960 basketball team.  Let's hope short shorts on men and boys never make a comeback.

Finding cute boy clothes can be frustrating.  First of all, walk into any children's store and you will find racks upon racks of precious dresses, capri pants with ruffles on the bottom, rompers that look like they have been quilted together from 10 different fabrics but still seem to work, tiny bathing suits with frills on the hiney that make you want to cry they are so adorable.  Look to the boys section and you have two styles of shorts and an assortment of t-shirts printed with dinosaurs, motorcycles or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  For the love of throwing stars, when will TMNT finally stop being popular?  How can a show with the dumbest premise known to man maintain a thriving franchise for over 25 years?!  But I digress. Point being, cute boys fashions are difficult to find.

boy ssummer fashion trends

Here are some tips to finding summer fashion trends for boys that will make both you and your resident worm-finder happy.

boys clothing

  1. Comfort is king

No matter how badly you want your little boy to look like he stepped off a page of a Crew Cuts catalog; if they aren't comfortable, they aren't happy.  There is a trend among boys to abandon jeans for athletic pants and shorts.  It's all about comfort.

When shopping for athletic shorts keep in mind the quality of fabric.  Fabric that will easily snag on twigs, wooden park benches and playground equipment will look worn out long before the summer is over.  If your boy insists on wearing athletic gear, make sure he doesn't look like a rag-a-muffin.  

On the other hand, what if you don't want your little boy wearing under armor every single day during the summer? Thankfully brands have caught onto the rage-against-the-denim trend and are now offering more comfortable shorts with drawstring style waist and fabrics other than polyester and spandex blends like twill, cotton and chino shorts.


boys sunglasses

2.  Sun protection

Keeping your kiddos eyes and skin protected against the sun can be cool.  Just because we're dressing a segment of the population under the age of 10 doesn't mean that they all have to have Elmo sunglasses.  Have you seen little boys and their fedoras?  They look like miniature hipsters.  Too cute.    When shopping for sunglasses you don't always have to go with character themes.  He might feel cool wearing shades like Dad for a change.  Check the kids sunglasses rack for something more neutral and sans Spiderman.


3. Super soft t-shirts

The fabric used in boy t-shirts has come a long way in the past five years.  It is becoming more and more common to find super soft t-shirts that are a poly/cotton blend.  They are much more light weight than 100 percent cotton and so much more breathable during hot days.  


boys super soft t-shirts


boys tshirts

When it comes to little boy tee's, cool retro designs are in.  Your littles may love their Thomas shirt but why not throw in a retro style to go with that fedora? Retro graphic tees are good for the big boys too along with artistic patterns and color blocking.

Boys shoes

4. For the Feet

My boys love their Crocs and live in them from the minute the weather starts to warm up in April until the first frost in October.  While they may love them for their easy on/off and comfort, I'm not in love with the way they look like they are preparing for a career in the ER.

Toms have colors and styles for boys and are an alternative to clunky Crocs.  On our latest shoe shopping trip, I was thrilled to see that Toms has come out with a children's shoe made out of the same rubbery material as Crocs. The difference? They were cute! Other retailers have realized that kids adore the rubbery shoe but know that moms want to see a less conspicuous style and have come up with a durable shoe that will do double duty on the playground and at the pool.

Shopping for boys doesn't have to be a challenge.  It may take just a little bit more work for the styles that both you and your little guy will be happy with. For my fellow Oklahoma gals, I highly recommend starting your search for great boy styles at the Broken Arrow Rhea Lana Event that runs April 18 – 20 at the Rhema Ninowski Recreation Center. Visit their Facebook page for more information.


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