Plan a Fun Moms Night with Friends

Being a mom is one of my greatest joys and I know in my heart that I’m a good one. Still, I’m sometimes plagued with “Mommy Guilt”; the feeling that no matter how much I do, it’s just not enough. There are times when I can really use a few hours to do my thing. I think my family ends up better off when I take that time and taking a break for the evening doesn’t mean I’m taking a break from being a mom.

Isn’t it great when you find a friend who can relate to where you are in life? Our kids are constantly learning and growing---and we moms should be, too. Sometimes I feel the desire just to jump in and try learning or doing something new. How much greater it is to do that with a group of moms!

Mom friends

Some of my favorite times with other moms have been those when things were just spontaneous. It can be fun to just sit and chat and see where the conversation and friendship goes. However, sometimes it’s easier to develop closer friendships around an activity or theme.

I asked some of my friends about their favorite things to do with other moms on a kid-free Mom’s Night Out and got some great ideas.


moms get together

Outside the Home

Sometimes moms just need a change of scenery and a reason to try out a new hairstyle or outfit. Getting out of the house for the night is a great way to refresh your attitude---and it keeps you from getting distracted by pesky things like housework. One of my favorite moms nights is when a group of friends and I go out to our favorite Bella Vista Mexican restaurant. It’s always packed---a great sign of good food and good service. Here are some other ideas for your out-of-the-house night:

  1. Meet for coffee or tea at your favorite quiet coffee shop
  2. Go shopping for surprise gifts for a new wife or mom
  3. Take a photography walk around downtown---or set up your own photo shoot
  4. Have a sleepover at a local church or kid-free home


ideas for moms night out

At Home

I’ve always had a hard time with hospitality and it’s something I really want to work on. I know I need to get past the idea of having a Pinterest-worthy home and just do my best to make it comfortable and welcoming for my friends. I recently started hosting a monthly book club and it’s been great having a few friends in for our potluck and book discussion. If you’re feeling the urge to just stay inside, here are some things you and your friends can do at home:

  1. Play games, cards or Bunco
  2. Have a potluck dinner night---everyone bring their recipe to share
  3. Host a direct sales party like Pampered Chef or Mary Kay
  4. Prepare freezer meals for yourselves or someone in need
  5. Host a craft night---bring your project and chat while you work


mom tim out with crafts

Get Your Creative On

Some of my favorite times with friends take place when we’re all being crafty. This doesn’t mean you have to be skilled---it’s fun to laugh at yourselves, too! Many times you can find someone who would be willing to share their talents and knowledge with your group for free. Ask around your church or gym---or consider taking turns hosting and sharing your talents with one another. Here are a few crafty activities to consider:

  1. Take a gardening class
  2. Do a paint your own pottery or canvas class
  3. Make sugar scrubs or fancy lotions
  4. Bake holiday treats together

What are some of your ideas for a great Moms Night Out? Let me know in the comments below.