Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

April to me means seersucker, sandals, the Resurrection, and yes, Easter baskets.  Instead of filling your kids baskets with things that’ll turn Easter morning upside down from the sugar high, try these sweet surprises instead.


We try to spend our Easter weekend immersed in the glorious remembrance of and gratitude for Jesus’ Atonement and Resurrection. As a mother,  I hope to be able to convey that beautiful Spirit to my children – to teach them the true reason that we celebrate Easter, to help them develop a testimony of Jesus Christ and love Him for the gifts He has given us. Here are some ideas to merge the Easter basket with that beautiful Spirit:

  1. The Story of Easter - we learn through stories so why not give one as a gift.
  2. Kite - a symbol of spring and new life
  3. Resurrection Eggs – A dozen eggs are filled with a different object and Bible verse that help tell the true message of Easter, beginning with a small plastic donkey symbolizing Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and ending with an empty egg symbolizing Christ’s resurrection.
  4. Kid’s Devotional – We just received the Duck Commander Devotions for Kids and our boys love it.
  5. Change Purse – A great place to keep their offering to church/those in need.
  6. Tree, Plant or Seed Packet – Plant a tree or a special kind of flower every year with your family to signify new beginnings.
  7. Glow Bracelets- Remind them to Let Their Light Shine!
  8. Veggie Tales Easter Collection – Because, well, it’s Veggie Tales.


I have also done many baskets focused on boy fun. I try and make each basket unique to each boy’s personality and what they are interested in at the time. We have been through cowboy, dinosaur, pirate, and Lego themed baskets. Here are some ideas for a boy’s basket and a girl’s basket that will have your little bunnies hopping for joy.





More meaning, more fun, and less sugar. Now, that will make for a very Happy Easter.