How to Rock the Rhea Lana Half Price Sale

Have you shopped at a Rhea Lana Half Price Sale? It can be hard to wait when there's a local Rhea Lana's sale going on, but if you can hold off shopping or return for a second shopping trip when the 50 percent off sale happens, your patience will be rewarded with some great deals.

Yes, there is less selection, but it's also not as overwhelming. There tend to be fewer shoppers, so you can contemplate your choices a little more easily. Here are some tips for making the most of your half-price day experience.


Know What You Need

As with any shopping trip, it's a good idea to have a list, or at least an idea of what you most need to look for. This helps you focus and might keep you from impulse buying things your child doesn't need.

Whether it's bathing suits for your next vacation or play clothes for school, taking some time to think about what you need to look for will save you time and money.


Don't Ignore the Red Dots

If you've ever shopped a half-price sale before you know the code: red dots appear on price tags of items that aren't discounted.

But that doesn't mean there aren't some good deals there.  I've found red-dot items that are still only three or four dollars, and I usually allow myself a "splurge" item that may or may not be on sale.



Give Everything a Once (or a Twice) Over

Once you've made your initial selections, take the time to go through your choices carefully.  In an uncrowded part of the store, look at each item for stains, tears and other signs of wear.

Even though Rhea Lana workers do an amazing job filtering out undesirable items, some less-than-perfect clothes will make it to the racks. 

And once you have pulled everything you think you might like to buy, when you look at it all together you'll find some things you like better than others you chose, or realize you picked out 13 dresses for one child.

Filter, then filter again to make sure you're only getting what you really want, need and will use.


Don't Forget Shoes

Once you've been through the clothing sizes you need, you may think your work is done, but don't forget to take a trip through the shoe section, too.

My daughter destroys shoes. I don't know how she does it, but she rips up the toes of every single pair. It's just not worth it to buy her a lot of new shoes, so I always try to get a pair or two at Rhea Lana's.

It's a good place to look for special shoes, too, such as dress shoes, water shoes, even soccer cleats.


Do a Quick Run Through the Toys

By the end of the week, the toys are usually pretty well picked over, but it's worth taking a quick look to see if there's anything related to your child's current obsession.

Kids' tastes change so fast, it's worth it to save money when you can.

How do you rock the half price sale? Or are you a shop early mom? Whenever you shop, I'd love to hear your tips for scoring great deals.


Sarah E. White is a crafter, knitter, blogger and mom in Arkansas. She writes about knitting for and and writes about crafting with and for kids, creativity for moms and other busy people and creating the life you’ve always wanted on her blog Our Daily Craft. She likes to make things with her five-year-old daughter as often as possible.