5 Tips to Getting the Most from Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sales

~by Candy Tai of Mommypalooza.com


I've been a busy mom of four boys for almost 12 years now. My oldest will be 12 in September and to be honest, prior to just recently, I hadn't really shopped consignment sales before because I didn't have a need to. Over the years, I just collected, stored, and reused all of my boys' clothing items. 

And now, everything's changed. We're expecting our first baby GIRL this April! Of course, after all the excitement, panic soon set in.

HELP! I have absolutely ZERO girl clothes, shoes, hair accessories, etc.! Well, with four kids already, you can appreciate that spending extra money on clothes that the baby will likely outgrow very quickly, is not something I'm very keen on.

Enter Rhea Lana's Consignment Sale. I'm so excited that they are coming to KC's Northland soon to spread all kinds of fashionable finds among the metro's littlest citizens! After seeing how they operate and the great quality clothing, gear, supplies, shoes, accessories, and MORE that they offer during their sale events, I will forever be a fan!

After taking part as a shopper in my very first Rhea Lana's sale, I have 5 great tips to share with you that will ensure you maximize and get the most from your Rhea Lana's shopping experience.

1. Get there early. One of the very cool things about Rhea Lana's is that they offer so many ways for you to get access to their amazing sale items before anyone else does. Some of the ways you can get early access to the sale are:

  • Sign up to work the shopping event as a volunteer.
  • Help out with spreading the word by dropping off marketing collateral (postcards, flyers, etc.) to local daycares, play gyms and more. 
  • If you're an expectant or military mom, you can also get early access shopping passes.

2. Make a list. It's so helpful to plan out what exactly you're on the hunt for. Take time to make a list of sizes and specific items you might be searching for. For example, I knew I wanted to find at least one cute outfit for baby to wear for her first 4th of July and I am assuming she'll be in a 3 months size, so I wrote that out on my list. You might be looking for multiple kids and needing to keep track of shoe, shirt, and pant sizes so having a pre-made list made will come in handy and keep you focused.

3. Bring necessities. This tip is not only for pregnant women (like me), but for all shoppers. You'll want to make sure you bring a bottle water or drink, plus maybe a granola bar, and of course wear comfy shoes you can move easily around in. I opted for my tennis shoes only because being on my feet for a prolonged time, I knew I'd fare better (and want to shop longer) if my feet weren't bothering me. 

4. Don't rush. As you're going through the sale, don't be in a hurry. Pick a day and time that you can really take your time to shop and find what you need. I ended up going after family dinnertime and didn't get home till almost 9:30 p.m., but it was such a great time for me to focus on my mission of getting what I needed. Once you have all your great finds, you'll want to take your time to also inspect everything for stains, holes, rips, small imperfections, missing buttons, etc. just so you know what you're buying. Have needle and thread, can sew a button on that adorable summer dress.

5. Have no regrets. There is such a great selection at the Rhea Lana Consignment Sale that you want to make sure and grab something off the rack and put it into your basket even if you're remotely thinking about it! My strategy has always served me well. What I like to do is, as I am going through the racks, if something in the right size grabs my eye, I go ahead and put it in my pile to look through once I am done with that rack. So, grab it if you love it and then just before moving on to the next rack or checking out, go through and decide if you need or want to put it back. I often found I had a few duplicates of some things so this strategy worked well for me so that I could weigh all my options just before finalizing what I was going to buy. 

So there you have it - how to get the most from the Rhea Lana Consignment Sale - in a nutshell. Happy shopping and have fun! I hope you are as excited as I am about the upcoming sale!

Join us this weekend, February 15-21, for the Northland Rhea Lana event at 6501 N. Cosby Ave., Kansas City, MO (in the former Picture Hills Fitness Center). For more information on the Northland event follow us on Facebook.


Kansas Women Bloggers member Candy Tai is a wife, mommy to four boys ages 10, 8, 5, and 18 months, and expecting a baby GIRL in April 2015! Mommypalooza.com is where she shares her ramblings about parenting, family traditions, style + beauty, Kansas City, and our love of sports, Disney, travel + tech, and more!