20 Valentine's for Kids

Alright Moms! Listen up!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and we want to help you.

I know that you have several class parties to attend, probably for multiple children, and multiple events. We have parties at different places on three different days! Whoa!


Here are some cute and EASY Valentines for you! These all have FREE printables! We hope this takes stress off you and still allows you to put together a cute Valentine for your kiddo to give to friends, classmates, and teachers without having to spend a ton of time on it.


These are in no particular order of Awesomeness so just pick one and roll with it!


  1. You’re All That and a Bag of Chips

By My Three Monsters

Most of us will probably remember this saying. Let’s bring it back!


  1. Fancy Nancy Valentine’s- Have a Fancy Valentine’s Day

By: Amanda Farris


  1. Laffy Taffy Valentines

By: Creations by Kara

I secretly love these things. The jokes are hysterical right? Classmates will love spreading the laughter with these jokes! Go for it!


  1. Have a KOOL Valentines Day

By : Creations by Kara

How cute and super easy is this one! Kids love these things!



  1. You’re a Gem!

By: Dimple Prints

So fancy!


  1. You are a BEARY good friend

By: Queen Bee Coupons

These are so cute! You could do this with gummy bears or snack size packages of teddy grahams.


  1. Whoopee! It’s Valentine’s Day

By: Paging Super Mom

Someone PLEASE do this and let me know how it goes!


  1. You make my Heart Pop

By: Crazy Little Projects

Okay—I am actually doing this one for my kids from me! They LOVE popcorn and movie nights.



  1. I think you are just WRITE

By: Bits of Everything


I love the play on words here and cute pencils!


  1. I like the way you ROLL

By: Thirty Handmade Days


If I did this one—I think I might put some ROLOs in a bag to go with it or glue them to the card.  Yum. 


  1. Love is in the Air

By: Mirabelle Creations


I love how you can use a balloon or an airhead


  1. Love Bug

By: Dandee Designs



  1. Nacho Average Valentines

By: just another day in paradise


These are one of my kiddos favorite chips. We will definitely be doing these as well. I mean, we do have 3 parties to go to, so why not make a few different ones right?


  1. Bookmarks with Paint Chips

By: Lu Bird Baby

Oh my word!! Could it get any easier? I love how functional these are. My kids would love this!


  1. Printable Valentine Bookmarks

By: Positively Splendid


Because I thought the bookmark one was so cool, I had to add in another one. If you are too scared to run to the paint counter and grab a huge stack of color cards, try this FREE printable.


  1. Smartie Pants

By: Tip Junkie




  1. Super Valentine

By: Zakka Life


This is what my son picked. He is all about Super Heroes and The Avengers!)


  1. You’re my Main Squeeze

By: Funky Polkadot Giraffe



  1. You are EXTRA Awesome

By Crafting Chicks



  1. You Wormed your way into my heart

By: Infarrantly Creative

I secretly love sour gummy worms, so I want some of these!



Oh and Last but Not Least—

If you are stressed or strapped for time-

Just buy the box and roll with it!

No Shame! You are a great MOM and your KIDS think you are AWESOME!



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