Four Kid-Friendly DIY Valentines

Valentine’s Day.  As a mom, when it comes to kids, schools and Valentine’s Day there seems to be an immense amount of pressure to make sure that your kid shows up with the cutest or coolest handmade gifts to give to their classmates. Anybody else know what we’re talking about?

As a kid I remember one year my mom decided that instead of buying the boxed valentines like we normally did that she would help me make “Special Gifts” for all my friends. Did I mention my mom wasn’t always the craftiest lady? I was seven at the time though so I didn’t really comprehend what that would mean for my “Special Gifts,” I was just EXCITED! At the time tie-dye was really in so we decided to make tie-dyed socks for everyone in my class. We worked for a WHOLE DAY picking out colors and rubber banding off the different spots on the socks. It seemed like a lifetime to me being so young.  We finally got to the best part, dying them.  My favorite colors were purple and blue.  My mom tried to convince me that we needed to use all the colors, and I agreed that we could use some but that I mainly wanted purple and blue.  We worked hard covering the socks in the colors, rinsing and drying.  I remember during this process thinking my mom’s face looked kind of funny but I didn’t pay it much attention and just kept working. I took a break while they dried and my mom got me a snack. I was so anxious for the socks to be done drying.  I was sure that they were going to be a master piece, a brilliant work of art. I quickly drank the rest of my juice and finished eating my apples and hurried into the living room to tell my mom I was done and I wanted to see the socks.  As she opened the dryer door I looked in and all I saw was black, everywhere.  The colors had run together and the socks were covered in big, black splotches.  I was heart-broken. After a few shed tears my mom packed me and my brother up in the car, drove to Wal-Mart and bought boxed valentines after all.

Looking back on it now it’s quite funny and really makes for a great story.   However, we would hate for you to be that mom.  We want your kid’s valentines to be AWESOME! So, we have come up with a few simple DIY valentines that are sure to turn out great, unlike my tie-dye socks! Check out what we came up with below.


Crayon Hearts

These are fun and easy to make with your kids, and are a great way to use all those broken and extra crayons laying around the house. The silicone shaped heart baking tins can be found at places like Target or Wal-Mart in the Valentine’s section.


  1. Peel wrappers from crayons and break into small pieces.
  2. Fill in silicone heart pan with your combination of crayon pieces.
  3. Preheat oven to 200F and bake 12-15 minutes or until melted.
  4. Let cool for 30 minutes and remove from pan. *(If still sticking put the pan in the freezer for 30 minutes and they will pop right out!)




Mini S’more Packages

These are fun gift that everyone can pitch in to make together.  You can find all the ingredients needed at your local grocery store, and it only takes minutes to put them all together.

You can find a tutorial and free print out of the featured graphics here:





Fish Bowl Valentine

For a fun non-candy option you can always go with this creative fish bowl valentine. Again you can find all the ingredients and supplies at local grocery and craft stores!

Click here to find a free printable download of the featured picture:




Watercolor Set Valentine

If you have a kid that loves crafts this is a really neat idea! You can find inexpensive watercolor sets at local craft stores and larger chains like Target and Wal-Mart. Here’s how you can achieve this look.


  1. Take paper and trace the inner lid of the watercolor case. 
  2. Cut it out and use it as a form to cut out enough pieces to match the amount of watercolor sets you will use.
  3. Let your kid paint the pieces. (You can help too!)
  4. Type a sweet valentine pun to print, cut and place on top of the painted piece.