Want to Shop Early at Rhea Lana's

We have blogged about this before so this is just a great reminder.  

Pre-Sale: The time when those with passes can shop a Rhea Lana event before it is open to the public. Special passes are given to volunteers and consignors as a thanks for participating. Moms-to-Be can print a free pass from a RL event website and come as our guests. Guests are welcome with a guest pass they pick up at their local doctors office, preschool or dance studio.

One of the reasons that our events work so well is that the people most involved are the consignors themselves! Not only do they prepare and bring their items but in many, many cases they also volunteer during our events. Most of our events have 4-5 hour shifts available for anyone to sign up for on the Rhea Lana website. Shifts can be in the morning, middle of the afternoon, or in the evening. Volunteers help us keep stores clean and organized, help us greet customers, and help keep everything running smoothly!

WARNING: Your husband won't understand the idea of you working so you can shop early, but it's easy to explain if you use the BEST PRICE explanation: "Honey, there may be two identical professional football jerseys on the rack. One consignor priced theirs at $20, another consignor priced theirs at $9. The early shopper gets the bigger bargain!"

Another advantage of shopping early is there are typically fewer people in the store. It is a smaller group who chooses to work 2-3 shifts and therefore, shops without too much maneuvering through crowded aisles and the longest lines. Any mom who has shopped as an Early Worker, will tell you they're never going back to shopping later in the day!

There are other ways to trade your time or talents for a Worker Pass to our events. For instance, all events need men who can help load and unload equipment, helpers on Pre-Sale night, bringing snacks or meals for volunteers, and even letting us borrow tables!

One of the most popular ways to help your local Rhea Lana event is to help us with Marketing! We order postcards and posters and yard signs, and consignor volunteers  help distribute these items, so that everyone hears about our community event! Consignors love to deliver postcards to their daycares, churches and local hangouts! They know that the more people that come to the event, the better their sales will be. Each sale has a MARKETING DAY where you can meet the owners of your RL event and pick up some of their materials. The beautiful postcards and car magnets are easy to distribute and we will trade you a Pre-Sale shopping pass to help.  It’s our way of saying “Thank You”!

To run a sale that involves hundreds of different families and thousands of items of clothes,  it takes a lot of people to help keep things on track! Every hand is helpful and we are so thankful for our volunteers! We'll see you at Pre-Sale!