Family Time Suggestions

New Year’s resolutions tend to be focused on yourself and things you will and won’t do in the New Year. Have you ever set goals for your family after the New Year? Rhea Lana’s wants to help you and your family make the most of 2015 with these simple suggestions.


1) Spend more time visiting and playing games as a family than watching TV. When you aren’t focused on a tv show, you tend to actually visit and share more with one another.

2) If your whole family enjoys watching 1 show together, make the most of it each week and really celebrate it as a FAMILY NIGHT with all your favorite foods, comfy clothes, etc. This is a night for just your family, sorry, no friends over tonight.

3) Plan some activities outdoors. Even if your children aren’t in love with nature, help them appreciate it by making them explore it. Even small children enjoy a little hike and picnic. It is healthy for kids to spend time outside the walls of their home.

4) Take up an activity or hobby as a family. Make this a year of togetherness with riding bikes, go bowling 1 night a week, start a family cook night where you help your kids learn to follow recipes and the importance of cleaning your workspace, etc.

5) Ok, mom and dad, kids do want to have video game time some each week. Embrace it and set aside some time each week that you will play with them.


These are just some inexpensive ideas to help you and your family spend more time together. Studies show that family time helps a child’s emotional well-being and development. When parents take an active role in their children’s lives, it shows the child they are loved and appreciated. Let’s strive to make 2015 the best family year yet!!