Top 5 Tips, Tricks and Tasty Treats for Traveling

Tis the season to travel.  During the holidays people are always traveling to go and visit family and friends for that special time of the year.  No matter where you are traveling this holiday season we want to make sure you are prepared to have fun and be safe.  Below you will find 5 tips, tricks and traveling treats that are sure to keep everyone in your vehicle happy.


  1. Take time to check your oil before heading out of town.  Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road wondering why the car shut down, and your significant other will appreciate the gesture.
  2. Insure you have all important medications in a central location in case the need for immediate access arises. Don’t forget the motion sickness medicine for those in the car who get motion sickness. J
  3. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks to keep from spending extra money when hunger hits.
  4. Bring a couple of extra blankets.  Not only will this come in handy if you have sleepy kiddos in the car but it never hurts to be prepared in case of an emergency.
  5. Google some fun road trip games before heading out of town.  Everybody loves a good laugh and great company to help pass the time!


  1. Want to use your phone to listen to music but don’t have a hook up? Just use the cup holder as your own personal speaker to amplify your music throughout the car.  It won’t sound like you’re at a concert, but it’ll get the job done. J
  2. Too many phones, not enough chargers? Turn your phone to airplane mode to cut your charging time in half and free up the charger for the next person in line!
  3. Buy bottled drinks instead of a can or fountain drink. Sometimes there aren’t enough cup holders in the car, and this way it won’t matter.
  4. Purchase snacks that have a zip lock closer on them.  Not only will your snacks stay fresh for a longer period of time but you drastically reduce the chance of the snacks getting spilt in the car.
  5. Pack your presents last to ensure everything arrives intact. If you need to keep some things hidden use heavy duty trash bags, like the ones you bag leaves with, to deter wandering eyes.


  1. Prepared fruits and veggies.  Things such as apples, bananas, grapes, carrots or celery are all great for traveling and cause very little mess.
  2. Nuts of any kind! This snack comes prepared and isn’t messy.  Did we mention they’re packed full of protein to keep you fuller for longer.
  3. M&M’s.  Every trip needs chocolate and with so many flavors there’s bound to be something for everyone. The plus is that with its hard shell you’re sure to avoid the normal messiness of chocolate.
  4. Homemade trail mix. Everyone can have something different insuring satisfaction for all when they get a little of all their favorite treats.
  5. Flavored water.  It’s important to stay hydrated and sometimes water can get boring.  Try something new like lemon or lime infused water for your next trip.  It’s sure to be refreshing and a nice break from the norm.

We hope some of these tips, tricks and tasty treats will help you while traveling this holiday season.  Let us know what your best tips, tricks and tasty treats for traveling are below!


Your Featured RL Frugalista on Traveling,

Kailey Wood