Franchise Markets


Below are examples of markets we are targeting at Rhea Lana's.   If your city is not shown Rhea Lana's might still work in your area.  Contact us, and we can talk through the possibilities!


Rhea Lana's is expanding fast in Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Louisiana as word travels about the Rhea Lana Difference!  Moms in Arkansas have long benefitted from the Rhea Lana Guarantee, Checks on Pickup Day, LIVE Updates and 70% minimums for ALL consignors.  
New territories are going fast in the Southwest!

Franchise Market - Southwest



Rhea Lana's has many franchises scattered throughout the Southeast! Now would be a great time to join us in expanding our brand. Rhea Lana's had found great success even in Atlanta - the mother city of consignment events. Atlanta moms are flocking to the premium consignment experience provided by Rhea Lana's franchisees. We are looking for key owners for our first Alabama franchise, and we want to continue our growth in Florida.

Franchise Market - Southeast



Rhea Lana's has moved West! We look forward to talking to key leaders in Oregon and other western states.

Franchise Market - West




Rhea Lana's is offering franchises in the Midwest, where mom-to-mom events are currently popular. Our brand is growing in Michigan, Minnesota and Illinois. Contact us if you would like to bring Rhea Lana's to YOUR city.

Franchise Market - West



Cincinnati is a Rhea Lana city as well as Detroit! We have plenty of room to expand and bring Rhea Lana's to moms in the key cities below. Contact us if you would like to consider a Rhea Lana's franchise.

Franchise Market - West


New England

Rhea Lana's is looking forward to our first New England franchise!

Franchise Market - West