Company History

My name is Rhea Lana Riner. I began this sale in 1997 with 11 consignors and 3 racks of clothes in my living room. I wrote all the tags by hand and even rewashed and ironed many of the clothes! After my very first event, my dear husband rescued me. He had incredible vision and suggested that we computerize our event. I told him he was nuts! You see, at that time, most moms did not even know what emailing or surfing the web meant. But we gave it a shot and built a barcoding and data entry system. We have gradually trained moms over the past years and have continued to develop and perfect our software and operational systems. Who would have known that we were ahead of our time being the FIRST web based computerized children's consignment event in the country?

The company has since then experienced exponential growth. It started with the Conway event. As that event continued to grow, it moved to us adding an additional event in Little Rock in 2004. By that time families in Northwest Arkansas, home of the Arkansas Razorbacks, began asking for an event so we expanded once again adding a third event in 2006. All three events became extremely popular with almost 1,000 Consignors each and thousands of shoppers, while providing a wonderful service to families in their communities.

As these events took off we also decided to offer our software services to independent consignment sales across the country and in Canada. Little did we know that we were indeed pioneers in the field of computerized children's consignment events. This software is the best in it's field, and because of that we have got to enjoy helping establish and grow other consignment sales through our consignment management services. Now this software is limited to Rhea Lana's® Franchises exclusively.

In 2008, we expanded our footprint in the form of Rhea Lana's® Franchise Systems, Inc. by compiling our expertise and offering it in a total package. Through the years we have continued to grow and can be found in 80 different locations nationwide. With events in 25 states and counting, the opportunity to join this fastest growing franchise company, as named by Franchising Gator, is now possible for anyone interested! You can find out more about franchising with Rhea Lana's, here.

Rhea Lana's Corporate Team


Franchising Gator named Rhea Lana’s among the Top 200 fastest growing franchises in 2016. Rhea Lana’s has been recognized as a Top Retailor and Franchise Business by FBR the past five years.  Rhea Lana Riner was personally honored with a Silver Trophy for Maverick of the Year at the 2013 Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Multiple Rhea Lana Franchises have been ranked as National Top 10 Consignment Event Sales by Consignment Mommies. The business has been featured by Fox Business, Fox News, USA Today, Bloomberg Business, WINC, Arkansas Times and other local and national publications. In the 2011 report from Franchise Business Review on Child Service Related Franchises, Rhea Lana's Children’s Consignment, Inc. ranked in the Top 10 nationally. Rhea Lana’s was also ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list of fastest growing privately held companies in 2011.