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Apr 7, 2017
Practice makes perfect!” my piano teacher repeated throughout my elementary musical attempts. I’m not sure I’d call my awkward recital performances perfect. But my parents certainly beamed proudly in the audience and the crowd applauded my feeble attempts.  Looking back, maybe my few reluctant hours at my living room piano each week weren’t enough to perfect my skill.
Mar 31, 2017
Last week our family took a Spring Break beach vacation. We loaded the car with road trip printable packs neatly tucked into binders, just knowing our four-year-old and two-year-old daughters would be magically amused for the eight-hour drive. We dreamed that they would play together on the beach, blonde curls whisping in the ocean breeze. We’d build towers and make memories that would last a lifetime while they became even bester friends.
Mar 20, 2017
Sometimes you’re going through the motions of everyday wife and momlife when something amazing falls in your lap. That’s where Jamie Allen found herself in September.
As a mom of three girls, she keeps a running list of her family’s needs: new shoes for the oldest, the next size for the baby, school clothes for her kindergartener. The list gets too long and feels too expensive most of the time. You know how it goes.
Mar 17, 2017
Whether you lean more toward timeless traditional with floral and pastels or if you go trendy with a hat and cuffed colored pants, here are some adorable Easter looks you need to see.
Mar 3, 2017
The weather is warming. Your son’s pants are tightening. Your daughter’s shirts are shortening. And you’re just wondering how are you going to stretch that closet of clothes through to the summer.
Here are a few pieces that will get your kids through the cool mornings and warm afternoons of springtime. And you won’t break the bank having to buy a complete spring wardrobe.
Feb 24, 2017
One day an everyday mom found herself suing the government. She wasn’t a powerful attorney, a famous politician, or even a wealthy celebrity. She was a typical southern girl, loving her family, growing her own company, and sipping sweet tea.
So what made her brave enough to take on the federal government?
Feb 10, 2017
A few 70-degree days and spring fever is here. Our kids are chalking up the driveway with beaming February sunkissed faces. What a dream!
But now you’re thinking…those shorts your daughter tried to slip on for the afternoon were a tight squeeze. That t-shirt your son wears to baseball practice, well it’s more like a midriff since his fall growth spurt.
Feb 8, 2017
Because I’m a crafter in a long line of crafters, I have been teaching my daughter how to make things with her hands from a young age. She’s seven and has her own sewing machine, can sew by hand and knows how to knit.
Being able to mend things and make things yourself are important life skills, but if you aren’t that crafty or just aren’t sure where to start, here are some tips for teaching a child to sew and projects you can try to get them interested.
Start with Plastic Canvas
Jan 26, 2017
I have a confession to make… I love notebooks. I’ve been purge cleaning my office and craft area, and it’s a li’l insane how many notebooks I’ve had stuffed in drawers, baskets, on my desk, pretty much everywhere. I’ve actually found a few I’d forgotten I had. They’re a little like shoes to me, even the plain old cheap ones during back to school season. A girl can never have too many notebooks. And if it’s a cute notebook? Well, that’s just icing on the cake.
Jan 19, 2017
The chore of packing daily lunches for school can become overwhelming for me. Feeding three boys means three filled lunch boxes times five days times all the months of school. That doesn’t include the breakfast and suppers my family of five eats during the week. To keep the lunch plan stress at a minimum, I use these strategies to help me manage the madness.