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Sep 2, 2010
We love that the Chick fil a cow visited our Frisco sale last month. It's amazing to partner with such an upstanding company to bring our high quality events to families all over the country.
Aug 19, 2010
Here's a quick look at one of our newer franchises who had their sale last week in Texas! The store is so cute, clean and organized. Click the quick link below to see Stacey Black introduce her second sale in Frisco!
Rhea Lana\'s of Frisco, TX
Aug 14, 2010
We are thrilled to be bringing an inspiring mom to Little Rock! Sarah Roe is known as the Money Saving Queen and has her own website with thousands of followers and even more fans who are thankful for her help cutting costs around the house.
Sarah will be teaching 2 workshops during our Greater Little Rock event on how couponing can save 80% of your monthly grocery bill!
You’ll learn:
Coupon Definitions
Coupon Lingo (Abbreviations)
How to find coupons for products you actually use
How to Organize Coupons
13 Ways to cut your grocery bill by 50%
Coupon Policies
Q & A with the Queen
Jul 31, 2010
Let them play! Here is part 3 of some fabulous laundry tips! It never fails that your favorite item get's a grass stain on it's first day out...but here, Ashley Shaver, owner of Rhea Lana's of NWArkansas, mother of four, and laundress extraordinaire can tell you how to get it out! If you missed any part of this and other laundry tip articles you can click on THE DIRT and read more!
Jul 25, 2010
Our first Rhea Lana events start in two weeks, but these dates are hot off the press:
Conway, Arkansas August 29 - September 4
Northwest Arkansas (Rogers) August 29 - September 5
South Tulsa, Oklahoma September 2 - September 4
North Arlington/Midcities, Texas September 2 - September 4
Jul 22, 2010
Here's more from Ashley, owner of Rhea Lana's of Northwest Arkansas. She's sharing her top ten laundry tips. Here's more of her secrets to letting her kids play hard and not worrying about them ruining their clothes...
4) Bake Cookies, Not Your Clothes
Jul 20, 2010
Here is PART ONE of a great article written by Ashley, owner of Rhea Lana's of Northwest Arkansas. If you're like me you've got a little pile of laundry hidden somewhere with some unidentifiable spot that you just don't know what to do with. Here may be the answer! There will be two more installments so if you want to know her laundry secrets add your email address on the side and you will be notified when we post part 2 and 3....
Jul 15, 2010
Over the last few months a couple of items that were sold all over the US in huge quantities have been recalled. We have covered most of these in blog posts or FB warnings but we want to mention the biggest ones again so you won't spend time pricing these items for our events and you can take action to get them fixed or refunded.
Here are the biggies:
Jul 8, 2010
OK, I crack up every time I hear the new commercial for the Huggies Jean  Diapers on TV? Have you seen it? It has adult women and men lowering their  sunglasses to get a good view of a young toddler in a white button down shirt and HUGGIES DIAPERS! Not just any diaper, but a denim looking  diaper.
I'm not saying the idea of denim looking diaper is a bad one..but  selling it with a theme song that says, "I'm ready to number two, I look like number one. I pooh in blue!" THIS is what cracks me up!
Jul 5, 2010
This is a re-post from last January. We sell a lot toys at Rhea Lana's and the best looking, cleanest ones sell first! Here are some tips worth repeating so you can get top dollar for your outgrown toys: