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Jan 12, 2011
Rhea Lana's sales are being announced every week and after last year's record growth we are expecting some GREAT things! More and more moms and families are participating in our sales because we are organized, innovative and work hard to bring you quality events!
Here's our first few events. Click on the dates for more information!
Jan 10, 2011

Some great comments after our fall sales last year...
Omg! I love Rhea Lana's! It's a mother's heaven! :P -Arkansas
Jan 6, 2011
We are thrilled that Rhea Lana received Honorable Mention in the Enterprising Women of the Year Awards. Enterprising Women is a women's magazine that speaks to the over 10 million women entrepreneurs who enjoy a meeting place, a public forum, and a national stage for the critical issues confronting women's businesses and daily lives, from the unique perspectives and exp
Jan 1, 2011
As we prepare for 2011, my prayer for each of us is that we will reflect on the blessings we’ve received in 2010 with thankful hearts. It's important that we look at how we've grown, how our children have grown, what things we have loved, things we need to change, and make a plan for where we want to go in 2011.
I read a quote from a news magazine that was great!: "New Years resolutions are a lot like babies: they're fun to make but hard to maintain."
Dec 30, 2010
Love this conversation on our Facebook page! Moms from all over telling about their favorite Christmas gifts!  No wonder we're so hard for men to figure out...everything from a new mop to a waffle maker tops the lists!  My FAVORITE, sweet Ann P, her daughter potty trained herself on Thursday! What Mom wouldn't love that? 
Kristen P - a  necklace form the Vintage Pearl
Amy W - Kansas City trip with her husband and no kids! Went to see "The Nutcracker."
Dec 20, 2010
Christmas is a few days away....  With my two college kids home for the holidays, the Riner home is filled with food, laughter and late nights!   We are enjoying hanging out as a family and my kids are enjoying time with hometown friends.  For the past 13 years, Dave has gone to India in December to visit friends who call India home.  We miss him, but he'll be home in a couple of days and we'll all be together for Christmas - which is a blessing.
Dec 17, 2010
The kids are out of school!! I love having them at home, but the responsibilities for food go up a lot when everyone is here. As I make my weekly trip to the grocery store, I like to pick up what I call Vacation Necessities. They keep kids filled and busy and happy. They're not a cure-all, but they sure do help.
1) Grapes, Apples and Bananas. Keep the grapes washed and in an easy to reach bowl and they are ready to be eaten. Put some in the freezer for a fun treat. Slice a couple apples for kids while you are fixing meals. Bananas travel easy.
Dec 15, 2010
copied from Marybeth Whalen, December 8, 2010Encouragment for Today, devotions from Proverbs 31 ministries:
"For nothing is impossible with God."
Luke 1:37 (NIV)
Dec 13, 2010
I love having new and exciting projects here at the office. We are very busy all year long updating our systems, welcoming new franchises, and providing franchise support for our 36 franchises, but everything comes back to our consignors, shoppers and friends. This year we decided that we wanted to put together a project that would bring together all the moms that we meet from Hawaii to Baton Rouge!
Dec 11, 2010
I went shopping yesterday in a busy mall. Just last week I ended up with the responsibility for the grandparents gifts as illness will keep them from shopping.  It's definitely easier to spend other people's money, but shopping for four children, your spouse, and yourself is time consuming.  I set out yesterday determined and prepared to complete as much as I could in four hours.