What Kind of Moms Shop at Rhea Lana's

A few 70-degree days and spring fever is here. Our kids are chalking up the driveway with beaming February sunkissed faces. What a dream!

But now you’re thinking…those shorts your daughter tried to slip on for the afternoon were a tight squeeze. That t-shirt your son wears to baseball practice, well it’s more like a midriff since his fall growth spurt.

Your kids need Holiday outfits, the next size shoes, and winter coats. You want your kids to look cute! Oh yeah and new bedding would be nice, since the Koolaid stain didn’t rub out like you hoped!

You’ve seen the Rhea Lana’s signs around town and a few ads on Facebook. But really…is a consignment sale actually for a mom like you? Well check out the typical moms that are Rhea Lana’s regulars and see what you think.

1. Expectant Mom: Sporting a rounded tummy with sweet little feet kicking away on the inside, you’re easy to spot. You pile your bag high with appropriate pink or blue attire in sizes newborn through 4T. Because buying baby clothes and dreaming about the little nugget who you’ll get to dress is just too much fun! You plop your loaded bag into the new stroller that you found too. Oooh and wait there’s the car seat and the high chair and the diaper bag. It’s okay to indulge because at Rhea Lana’s you’ll find all you need and still have leftover cash to save for little one’s college too.

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2. Not the Mom: Did you know dads shop at Rhea Lana’s? It’s true. Head over on your lunch break to survey the scene, grab the goods, and head for the door. Done. You’ve successfully stocked your kids’ closets. You might feel out of place at first, but let’s be honest. It’s easier than keeping the kids for a night so that your wife can leisurely browse every single last rack. Just do it. Invite your officemates and sneak in for a quick trip. It’s an accomplishment to brag about.

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3. Date Night Mom: Remember when you were dating and your husband took you out for a candlelit dinner, dessert, and a movie? Yeah. Those days are gone. Lately, all you’re asking for is to change out of sweats, brush your hair, and have a partner in crime at the RL sale. It might not seem that romantic, but a good man shops consignment with his wife.

4. Grandma: Nana, Mimi, Gigi, Juju, Honey, Granny, and Gram can be seen toting overflowing baskets full of high quality apparel. You may come alone to snatch up all the goodies you need for ample grandkid spoiling. You may tag along to split the bill and wrangle those cute kids. Either way, Grandma, you’re welcome here!

5. Exhausted Mom Shopping with multiple kids in tow, you hang your finds on the back of the stroller. Which works great until your preschooler breaks free to dart unsupervised to the toy area. The weight of smocked 2T dresses are heavy on the back of an empty double stroller, and your stash spills on the floor in front of you. You opt instead for an offered Rhea Lana’s laundry basket to fill with your packed goldfish, sippy cups, fruit snacks, and diapers. You shush your kids for just two more minutes to sift through one more rack. And then make them wait in the eternal presale night checkout line way past their bedtime.

6. Supportive Friend Mom: Your kids don’t really need anything this season. Their pants still button and shoes still fit. But c’mon, you’re not letting your best friend hit up Rhea Lana’s sale alone! You use it as an excuse for a girl’s night and stop for dinner on the way.

7. Repeat Shopper Mom: You subscribe to the emails, mark your calendars to reserve the presale date to every sale within a 60-mile radius, and chat with old pals at marketing days. You don’t even think about big box stores anymore because you clothe your kids solely with RL finds. And you’ve gotten the compliments on their outfits and spare change for your Chick-fil-A budget to prove it.

8. Consignor Mom: Don’t even worry about the item prices; you know you’re making all your money back. You set your clothes aside as your kids outgrow them, save your hangers and safety pins from each sale, and stock up on pull tags every Walmart trip. You know the benefit of selling and buying at RL. And we won’t see you at the public sale days because you’ve had first pick at the treasure with your shop early consignor pass.


So tell us, which mom are you? We’d love to see you at one of our sales this season.

We will give away a $25 Rhea Lana's gift certificate on Friday, August 11 to be used at any Rhea Lana's event.

***Updated August 2017***