Two Sisters Serve Their Hometown

When two sisters decide to invest their adult lives living in and serving the community they grew up in, it makes a difference. That’s what Mary Ward and Susan Cedotal are proving in Louisiana.

Mary and Susan share a deep love and responsibility for their hometown of Bossier City. It’s what they know. It’s who they know. It’s who has always known them. Four years ago when Susan realized their community was missing something big, she committed to changing that.

Susan, mom of four including triplets, knows what it takes to clothe a family. Except it’s a little more complicated because there are no hand-me-downs with kids all the same ages. That makes providing for your family’s clothing, toy, and equipment needs very expensive. Have you ever shopped for three newborn car seats in the same Target run? It’s no small tab.

Susan and her husband, Jay, did what they could to cover their family’s necessities for a few years. As the triplets outgrew several toddler accessories, Susan was excited to pass on these quality items to others. She set up a garage sale and marked her items to sell. But, c’mon, a high-quality stroller can’t be parted with for mere pennies, even out of a driveway! 

Susan knew there had to be a different way to get what her family needed while still feeling good about what she was selling and buying. She closed down her garage shop and headed to a Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment event in a town an hour away.

She found what she was looking for: high-quality items at a great value in every style and design. She also found out that these items had come from consignors’ very own homes and closets. Instead of giving them away for pennies in their driveway, these consignor moms were upcycling their outgrown items for the next age and stage’s needs at the Rhea Lana’s event.

Finally, a place financially worth selling and buying her children’s goods! Susan was ecstatic! But an hour away was too far of a drive. Susan knew that she and every other mom in her hometown needed a Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Event in their own community. And she finally knew the answer to the long-time dream she and her sister, Mary, shared of owning a business together.

Mary said an immediate yes when Susan proposed the idea. She didn’t know much about Rhea Lana’s and had never shopped a sale. But she knew enough about her sister to know that anything Susan thought was worth doing would be a sure thing for their families and the town they loved.

It wasn’t like either of them needed a job. Both Mary and Susan have full-time careers they enjoy and succeed in. But, as Mary put it: Why not take on something else? If there is a need, she can’t overlook the opportunity to provide the solution to her own place and people.

They’ve found a way to work both their real jobs and run a Rhea Lana’s franchise.

It mostly involves an enormous amount of family support, plus using their “vacation days” as work days for running their event. It’s certainly not a vacation, but Susan’s family puts the money away for those later days—vacations, cars, colleges. If three strollers seemed expensive, Susan and her husband know that the time to plan for paying for their children’s futures is now. Mary’s two teenagers see it as a worthwhile investment too. It’s the way she and her husband, Randy, provide the extras for them.

The two sisters are really just living out what their mother taught them: work hard, provide for your family, and be prepared for whatever might come your way. Mary and Susan, as working mothers, are passing on this model and message to their kids too.

But the best part of owning a Rhea Lana’s Consignment Sale is that these benefits for their home are benefits they can offer to every family in the Bossier City area. Mary and Susan are proud that their consignment events are equalizers, offering exactly what every mother needs. For the mom who wants a couple boutique holiday finds at a great price to the mom who needs to outfit her entire family, every parent can be sure that Rhea Lana’s will help them provide financially for their family, stock up on this season’s needs, build relationships with others, and show their children smart strategies for caring for a growing family.

Mary and Susan’s favorite day of their weeklong sale is the last day. Not because it’s over and the work is done. It’s their favorite because on the last day, they invite Geaux Bags, a Louisiana foster support group, to shop for a foster child to have what he needs his first night away from home. Helping every family, every child is what keeps Mary and Susan hosting event after event.

Come shop their Bossier City event this week, October 1-4! If you have items you’d like to consign or if you want to be part of this special event as a volunteer, there’s still time to get involved in their NEW Baton Rouge sale, October 22-25.