Rhea Lana's Tips to Trick or Treat Halloween is right around the corner. There is so much fun to be had between the costumes, candy and carnivals that your kids are sure to be ready to head out on Friday night.  We love families here at Rhea Lana’s and want to make sure that amidst all the fun you and your family will be having that you stay safe.

Check out these tips below to make sure the family has a terrific time trick-or-treating!

H Hold a flashlight while trick-or-treating to help others see you.  You can also attach reflective tape to costumes and bags for extra visibility.

Print Always test make-up or other costume paints that are part of your child’s costume the night before on a small area of skin.  Make sure to wash it off before bedtime.  This can help prevent skin irritation and make you aware of any allergic reactions before you head out.

L Look both ways before crossing the street and use established crosswalks wherever possible.  Asking children to walk and not run is also a great idea especially in busier neighborhoods.

L Lower the risk for possible injury by making sure children’s props are short, soft and flexible.

O Outline a route for the family to travel before you head out.  Choose places that are familiar to avoid unknown obstacles that might trip up trick-or-treaters.

W Wear costumes that fit well to avoid trips, falls or blocked vision.

E Eat only candy that has been factory wrapped and is still sealed. Avoid homemade treats made by strangers and opt for store bought candy instead.

E Eventually people will run out of candy.  Avoid houses that are not well lit or have the lights turned off.  A general recommendation is to end by 9 p.m.  This gives children ample time to get around to all the houses, and by then, the excitement of the evening will probably have them ready to head home.

N Now is the time to remind your children never to enter a house without a trusted adult, and never accept rides from strangers.

Here’s to a great time trick-or-treating with your kids.  Hopefully these safety tips ensure the only howls you will be hearing from your youngsters this Halloween are those of fun!

Your Featured RL Fanatic,

Kailey Wood