Tips for Dressing Toddler Boys

Moms, tell me this has happened to you too. You stand, surveying your closet that is brimming with clothing, shoes, accessories and you think, “I have nothing to wear.” Take that frustration and multiply it times ten and you will understand what it can be like to shop for boys.  Whether you’re a new boy mom or a bit more broken in, you likely know that feeling of walking into a children’s clothing store or department and seeing racks and racks of pink and purple with only a slim section dedicated to the boys. As a mama to a toddler boy, I have met that same disappointment many times. However, with a few years of shopping for a boy under my belt, I’ve come up with some tricks for putting together stylish outfits to rival any girl’s wardrobe!

Shop Outside of the Box

Department stores are great and malls offer one-stop shopping that can save us time, but you can spend the same amount or less on unique or custom designs that set your guy apart. I love that when I shop small and local, I discover cute clothing that I can't find anywhere else while also supporting a small business and investing in the community. Local boutiques, Etsy and, of course, Rhea Lana's are great places to look for those one-of-a-kind items.

Play with Color

A pop of color can go a long way towards brightening up any wardrobe, but boys can layer it on and still look cool. If you’re like me, you gravitate towards certain colors when shopping for boys’ clothes. For me it’s gray, gray and gray. Next time you shop, make a conscious effort to pick at least one colorful item—something you normally wouldn’t pick up. Go as bold or as subdued as you like. Even with a plain gray (ahem) graphic tee, adding some deep red or bright blue denim packs some punch.

Add Accessories


Yes, accessories for boys do exist! And they’re not just for special occasions. Bowties, ties, hats and suspenders may only come to mind when dressing your toddler boy for holidays or photos, but they can be fun for every day, too! I know, I know—toddlers are fickle. I am still trying to convince my almost three-year-old that a hat is not a torture device. However, some days he will go with it, so you never know. Put it away for a couple months and then try again.

Have Fun

My main advice is to make it fun. That goes for you and for your little guy. Make getting dressed a game—let him pick out his outfit or one element of the outfit, hide the day’s outfit around the house, scavenger hunt style, or come up with a fun song you sing while getting him dressed. I’ve even let my kiddo pick out my clothes in exchange for wearing what I pick for him. Once you find what works for you, you’ll find that dressing boys is less of a chore and more of an adventure!

By The Women Bloggers/Rhea Lana blogger Julianne Thompson of