Tips for Creating Your Family Hashtags

By Tracy Lane


I’m glad that the only pictures of my bare baby bottom are tucked away in a brown photo album hidden at the back of my mom’s living room cabinet storage. But let’s face it. Our kids will never have that luxury.

In fact, I’m glad that, thanks to social media, y’all have all seen pictures of my kids’ bare baby bottoms because they are just so dimply and adorable. I’m not ashamed of the sharing. You can thank Instagram for allowing you to enjoy that sweetness too.

We are no doubt mothering in the insta story decades of life. We give glimpses into our kids’ bathtimes, toddler’s fits, winning soccer goals, and even create polls to help us decide what our child should wear or how she should be disciplined. We might as well embrace it.

One way that modern moms are doing just that is by creating hashtags to categorize their day to day family life and also individual hashtags for each pink-cheeked bundle that fills their home. You’ll also need a hashtag at times to document a special event or a big change for your family. And you obviously need a hashtag for your beloved pet too.

Have you created your family’s and kids’ hashtags yet?

It might sound silly to our mothers, an older generation of photo snapping moms, but it’s actually a great way to record and document memories. If you’re ready to organize your social media memories to enjoy for years to come, consider these tips to create the perfect hashtags for your family.


  1. Start with a name. Let’s begin with the basics. First name, last names, and nicknames are a great starting point. Think of that cutesy name or that embarrassing nickname your girlfriends coined of your soon to be last name when you were engaged. This may be the time you want to embrace it.
  2. Add in a unique element that sets your family or your child apart. While documenting daily disciplines of motherhood, you might want to call out something specific about your child. For example, my youngest daughter receives regular medical care for a rare heart defect that she was born with so her hashtag is #HeartForAnnie. That hashtag follows her medical journey and exciting milestones that we once thought she’d never reach.
  3. Get punny. A little humor, some alliteration, a nice rhyme are all elements that make your hashtag noticeable and memorable. Also consider reworking a common phrase or pithy saying to personalize it. Taking my own advice, I think I’ll make our new family hashtag #LifeInTheFastLane. I have a friend whose daughter is named Amelia. Her hashtag is #AmeliaDollarBaby. Super cute! And super right. Her little girl is a treasure!
  4. Make it Clear. As you know, a hashtag runs all the words together without any spaces. So getting too lengthy or pairing words together that are hard to identify the separation is No Bueno. When you post your hashtag, an easy fix is to capitalize the first letter of every word. But also stick to short and sweet. My family is about to embark on a move across the country from the drawl and sweetness of southern charm to a new adventure in the northeast. I want a hashtag to document this and for us to remember the details. At first, we considered #4hillbilliesmovetophilly. That is hard to read! So in jest and cleverness we are close to settling on #Hillbilly2Philly. Not totally sure I want to self-identify as a hillbilly yet but I think it’d be funny and memorable way to chronicle our transition.
  5. Check the Hashtag. Remember when you were considering baby names and you followed the excellent advice to google your child’s potential name? Take the same advice here. Go to your social accounts and search the hashtag you’re considering. It may be impossible to come up with something completely original, but you’ll lose the effect if every time you search your hashtag your feed is flooded with other people’s photos. Add in that personal touch to set your hashtags apart.


Let us know your hashtags and we’ll be sure to check out your photos of your motherhood journey! And maybe your creative idea will give some inspiration to other moms adding “Make Family Hashtag” to their to-do list.