Summer Days

I’m not the kind of mom who will plan out all our summer days in 30 minute increments, (although I did do that last summer…for about 2 days. Fail.) Anyway, this summer I’m coming up with a few ongoing activities that will help us have something to think about and keep up with. We’re not going on a vacation, so these will be something to talk about when they do return to school!


  1. Collecting quarters: We’re not going out looking for these, but I made a checklist of the 50 states and when we run across quarters we’ll check off the state and put the quarters in a jar. At the end of the summer we’ll spend our quarter cache for a sno cone run probably!
  2. Puzzle project: My three kids at home are 11, 10 and 7. I’ve got a puzzle that we’ll pull out the first week of July and tuck it in a corner of the living room on an unused table. Every so often, working on the puzzle will help kill some time and get us quiet and focused.
  3. Skill building: Each of my three can learn something this summer. My 11 year old wants to learn to take pictures. My 10 year old is going to learn to play solitaire. And my 7 year old boy is going to learn how to jump rope. There’s a lot of other things to tackle (all depending on their age of course), that take a little practice: writing their name, counting to 10 in Spanish, hula hooping, riding a bicycle, swimming or diving, etc. When they learn a new thing, we’ll probably have a little “show” for Daddy and pick a new thing to learn.
  4. Pen Pals: Each of my children are going to take turns writing their grandparents and/or college siblings notes about what’s going on at our house. They all have agreed to write back, so it should be fun getting the mail a few times this summer. Do you remember the fun of getting a hand written letter? You could choose a long-distance cousin to be a pen pal as well!


None of these ideas costs very much money! All of them require a little planning. I’m hoping that more creative ideas will come as the pool loses it’s draw and the temperature rises to the 100s. Do you have some ideas like this? I’d love to hear them!

~RL blog contributor, Jennifer Rogers