I’ve been shopping consignment for many years and there are a couple things that I LOVE to buy at a Spring sale! If you have these kinds of things in your home and they have LIFE left in them…get ready and let us SELL THEM!


  1. SHOES. Shoes are expensive…it doesn’t matter that they are smaller than a toaster, you can’t find Nikes for children under $40! If you have a pair of tennis shoes or name brand shoes that your child didn’t wear much and they look great. SELL THEM. WE WANT THEM.
  2. TOYS. Legos and Barbies used to be the go-to for kids. And in many cases they still are, but HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICES of toys these days?  If your kids have classic toys and haven’t looked at them since sometime after their 7th birthday, make sure they are clean and SELL THEM. WE WANT THEM.
  3. HOLIDAY OUTFITS. Face it, we live in the world of pictures. And we want CUTE holiday pictures in Easter outfits, 4th of July outfits, Summer vacation matching outfits,  you know what I mean. I want the cute clothes, but I can’t afford the retail prices. If you have specialty items, with flags and bunnies and little boats on them, spot check them, iron if necessary, and SELL THEM. WE WANT THEM.
  4. BOUTIQUE ITEMS. We all have our favorites and they have unusual names like Matilda Jane, Mudpie and Persnickety. These items may have been a gift, they may have been purchased  last season, but if you have these items, our shoppers are looking for them. No negotiating prices, posting pictures, and meeting strangers, list them and we will SELL THEM. WE WANT THEM.

Remember you can earn 70-80% consigning with Rhea Lana's and we GUARANTEE ALL ITEMS. These items will be sure to bring in some extra cash,  so  SELL THEM! WE WANT THEM! Visit our home page,, and use our new zip code feature to find an event near you and start consigning today.  We can't wait to see you! 

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you will be looking for this season at our Spring Events.



Jennifer Rogers - Owner of Rhea Lana's of Russellville